Tips for new player and/or the current meta?

Hello! I just got this game two days ago (swapped App Store region lol) and I’m wondering if there’s anything I need to know that the game doesn’t explicitly tell me. Seems like I’m always getting pressured by early-round dog rushes or the sword/scavenger guys. I get Fang’s supposed to be good, but feels like she crumbles fast if it’s someone high-damage.

Currently on stage 1-2, if that matters at all. Thanks in advance?


Just use every sniper but not Jessica. Thank me later.

Employ the valley of death strategy aka Ranged units and 2 guards

When, stuck level up, it just that easy. I dont use any 6 star operator. And i already clear chapter4.

If enemy pass ur OP mean lvl up your damage dealer
If your OP dead mean lvl up your healer or tank

That’s just rude.


Also we dont have much content in na to have a meta other than silverash being extremely strong.
I heard that aoe casters fall off in late game but not sure if its true.
(Ps:recommend raising mousse )

fang is a vanguard, her role is to give you DP while holding off on her own with her decent defense through the early to mid stage, after that you are supposed to switch her to a defender, that’s the basic strategy anyway, if you want her to stay, you can just deploy healers
this is still early game, just keep your party levelled, you’ll be fine

I have him, yet idk how to use this guy so I don’t really know how strong he is.

I’ve been playing wrong this whole time.

I dont have him but saw a few videos on youtube saying he can be ranged glass cannon or decent tank. Also one of his passives lets him attack the camuflaged enemies

A decent tank but glass cannon? Well somehow it fits which makes me don’t understand even more what is the purpose of this guy besides having a melee and ranged attack.

His second skill make him a decent tank while his third skill make him god

His third skill is what make him famous, although need elite 2 to unlock, but still worth it, not recommended to unlock at early game because a lot of material required

You can check on youtube about his third skill, that long range aoe is really op