Tips for Wizards Unite?

Hey guys, our writing team managed to get out a quick tips guide for new players! (yeah, I know we’re all new)

Since the game is so new, if you have any hints, tips, or tricks that you’ve discovered, share them here and we can add them to the guide while crediting you!


does energy go over the cap if we get too much?

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Sadly, it doesn’t. The in-game currency shop sells Spell Energy capacity increases though. You can either get a bonus to Spell Energy cap only (150 gold) or, if you wait, you can save up and get the Vault Extension package for 475 gold. Unless you really need it and can’t stand to wait, we recommend saving up as it’s a better value for your gold!

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Actually, I have noticed that if you collect more energy than you have capacity for AND you’re not maxed than you will keep the spillover amount! So if you collect 10 energy when you have 73/75 you will end up with 83/75. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what I saw happen.

If you are maxed, than @GamePressSoren is correct, and you will be prompted to buy more capacity.


This is true! Thank you for clarifying, I should have been more specific. Kronkk is correct, once you are at max capacity you can’t get anymore, but you can slightly overflow if you are just under maximum but pick up a bunch at once. But no more after that!

What is the significance of foundables/enemies that cast a beam of light up into the air? Higher difficulty/rarity?

Thank you, for all the help

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Light beams seem to correlate to something related to that. It seems that the more rare foundables are also more difficult to capture, so they kind of go hand in hand.

I like it since it kind of shows you how to tell the ‘Pidgeys’ from the ‘Dratinis’, from a PoGO point of view, lol.

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How are the portkeys used? I was on the street and saw nothing … I do not know what to do … I have 2KM 5KM open and nothing yet I do not know what to do I despair … someone helps me or has a video how to make it work ?. … I have the AR …

Excuse me for the English … I use the google translator.

Your English is good! Do not worry.

To use Portkeys, you must first Unlock the Portkey. If you go to the Portkey screen, you can use a Key on the Portkey (towards the bottom of the screen). Then you walk 2km or 5km and the Portkey will Unlock. After that, you can click ‘Use’ at the bottom of an Unlocked Portkey. It will turn on AR and show you a blue square. Tap the arrow pointing DOWN at the blue square. Then you can enter the Portkey.

Let me know if this wasn’t clear enough!

Thank you for your answer, when I enter the portkey and activate the AR, I press the arrow that indicates upwards but does not do anything … nor reacts if I see a line that crosses the screen but does not do anything to me :frowning:

Sorry to hear that! : (

Can you try and upload a screenshot of the place where it messes up? Maybe we can figure it out from that?

that’s how I am 2 days, nothing appears … precious arrow and does nothing …

Point the phone downwards until you see a shoe or boot there and click that - that should let you get in

How does the wizarding challenges work? Do you have to be in the same area as another player?

Nah, you can solo them. The harder ones definitely are better done with other players though. When one person starts a lobby by using a Runestone, you see them in the Chamber Select screen. You can tap their lobby to join in and then use your own Runestone, and you’ll take on the challenge together.

If you rent the gold potion cauldron, any potion remaining after your rental time runs out will be finished. So you can rent 3 hours for 15 gold, queue up a 2 hour health potion and a 12 hour XP boost potion, and they’ll both be finished in the rental cauldron.

When battling in Fortresses, if you are knocked out (i.e. running out of HP), you will revive at full health after 30 seconds. You can intentionally get knocked out to save health potions at the expense of 30 seconds.


The color of the beam of light corresponds to the Threat Level.
Red = Emergency
Orange = Severe/High
Yellow = High/Medium

The difficulty will be related to your level and potion usage- Confoundables will be easier to dispel if you are higher level and/or using Exstimulo potions.

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Thanks for this tip. I did not know this.

Yes sorta if you are 1 energy shy of your max and find way a chicken you will be 9 over max but will not be able to get more at that point