Tips on changing movesets for raids

So im looking at some clean up persay with my pokemon.

First is mewtwo. I couldn’t do psystrike mewtwo due to work so im stuck with my 6 other mewtwos. Im guess that I should just move them to straight psychic, besides my one shadowball mewtwo.

Event day moltress i want to change to straight flying. My biggest issue is that doing so would make it so CD blazakin is my best fire attacker. Worth it?

There might be some others, but those are the 2 im looking at right now.

CD Blaziken beat Moltres in DPS anyways. Moltres will be top in Flying however, so TM that.

Yep, move them all to Psychic.

Be advised it can take A LOT of tms to get 5 or 6 mewtwos to Psychic because Mewtwo has an extensive list of charged moves, 5 in total. It took me 8 charged TM to get Drill Run on Excadrill even after I gave Excadrill and second charged move.


I havnt been using much of mine so i am sitting on some of them. Plus i know 1 or 2 of mine are on double psychic

theres a list i have, that looks like its either form game press or silph road, that puts both moltress and entie above CD blaze. Moltress 6% above CD blaze and Entie 3%

Blaziken almost always holds the DPS lead, your chart is probably talking about DPS/TDO. Either way, just TM Moltres, Blaziken is still perfectly serviceable.

It took me 20 but I had 50 something TMs by then.

I run my only maxed out Moltres with double Flying only, and never regretted it. If you’re short on other Fire attackers and you’re into solo raids, then Skarmory is one of those exceptions for which it really is better to use Fire moves. But BB Blaziken and Fire Chandelure are anyway better than Moltres at being Fire mons. I mean, if you’re swimming in dust an FTMs then maybe it’s worth buying Moltres a 2nd move and switch Fast Move as you need, but that’s hardly the case of anyone here.

Hey be aware that SKY ATTACK is a legacy move. You can’t TM your Fire Moltress

Re: Skarmory solo raids… I’ve always struggled with them and couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing wrong, but I had a bunch of high level Magneton (most of the IVs aren’t great, but anyway) so I evolved them the other day and now I can solo it every time. This is just a recent thing and I’ve maybe only done 4 or 5 to date, but Magnezone sure knocks the stuffing out of it.

Blockquote Hey be aware that SKY ATTACK is a legacy move. You can’t TM your Fire Moltress

I think he means just TMing the fast move, of a legacy moltres, and using a second charge move for the fire-fire case.

When dealing with TR stops, fire spin/sky attack moltres is the fastest way I know to wreck grass mon, though.

I agree that Mewtwo is now better off with Psychic. As for Moltres, it provides some interesting resistances in raids, like Machamp solo versus BP/HS set. It also double resist Rocket that uses Bug and Grass types.

That said, however, if you are looking for tip of Fire and Flying types both Chandelure and Rayquaza outclass it. So depend on the goal, I might just save those TMs

Moltres with WA/SA has far higher DPS and TDO than Rayquaza with AS/AA:


Ah, my bad! I was just looking at pure “power numbers”, I didn’t consider “Move Cooldown” aka animation time and the respective energy gain. In this case, Rayquaza may have Air Slash at 14 power, but it is about .4 sec slower than Wing Attack and has lower energy gain.