Tips on who to raise

Hello, i recently started playing and i’m really liking it so far, but i’m unsure on who to focus and after my terrible start on FGO 2 years ago i don’t want to over invest on not very useful units just to regret it.

I also have 2 other Operators i started the game with but they didn’t fit in the screenshot.


Hi, glad to see another one from the FGO section taking an interest into AK! Hope you have a lot of fun too :fgo_ereshwoah:

As for your question, like in FGO, raising up your low rarity units is a real good place to start for you could clear most of the story content relatively easily and they cost nearly nothing to raise. There would be moments where you’ll want to have stronger Ops but that’s to be expected. Melatha, Kroos, Ansel, Plume, and Steward are some of the best places to start if you want to be specific.

Also, I see you started with Hoshi. She’s a good unit to have raised up for she becomes a really good tank later on. Don’t worry yourself too much about her future promotion afterwards for its an endeavor a developed account would aim for. Also with that said, 4, 5, and 6* Operators can be promoted twice while the 3* can only be promoted once but don’t let that discourage you from raising them up!

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I’d say don’t worry about it too much. Maxing out a unit is expensive but it’s quite cheap to get a unit to Elite 1 at a usable level. Well it’s not cheap when you’re just starting out but in the long run you’re not setting yourself back much to do that. I don’t really use any 3*s any more but I don’t regret levelling them because they were useful at the time when I didn’t have so many options.

At a glance, Hogushima, Amiya, Shirayuki, Gitano, Jessica for long term use.

Short term 3*s can be whoever your team lacks. (e.g Vanguards, healers from what I see here)


My opinion according to the pic is:
Fang > Kroos > Melantha >Shirayuki
Fang: Lowest cost idle DP-gen. Cant never go wrong with her, as some later map having restrictive dp generation, you will still see the use of her.
Kroos: Budget exu. Sniper is always needed, but they tend to have better options so get her as she the best at doing her job without much investment.
Melantha: Trust me, you would prefer picking her on her own archetype rather than other higher rarity option since they didn’t justify their higher cost(except on CC, but that’s another matter).
Shirayuki: Physical & Art in one package. Having long-range, AoE, slowing and Art damage makes her such a unique unit that used in many comp.
Another recommendation:

  • Plume(DP-on-kill) but replaceable with vigna which better (and easy to get).
  • Buy Dur-nar(DPS Defender) on shop. Hoshi is stats brick but such expensive for only stat, better raise Dur-nar, she got rare department in Art melee damage.
  • Amiya(Caster). As in lower maps, caster isn’t much needed(Armored enemy in such can be covered by Shirayuki), and Amiya is vanilla caster as you can get, her true value lies on her E2 promotion(Expensive).
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Shirayuki has been very useful for me starting out. I still use her from time to time, but eventually you will find someone you like much better.


  • Fang (Low Cost DP Regenerating Operator, especially useful for when deployment is tight and you need an immediate blocker)

  • Kroos (Very Powerful for being cheap to raise, even in difficult content like Contingency Contract she’s still very useful)

  • Jessica (Another really good AntiAir Sniper, has the bonus of Survivability on her S2 for maps where your OPs are being beaten down. Half HP Contingency Contract comes to mind)

  • Melantha (An exceptionally good R Rarity Unit, use her to take out high profile targets before they reach your Squad)

  • Amiya (Really powerful ST Caster, especially once you unlock her S2 which kills High Defense enemies easily if played right. She’s also one of the few OPs capable of killing the Chapter 7 Boss with minimal effort)

  • Gitano (Really good AoE Caster, her S2 is used in a few different strats for it’s coverage and high DPS. Like in Annihilation 3)

  • Shirayuki (AoE Sniper, versatile since she can deal long range Arts DPS)

  • Hoshiguma (It’s your UR so of course you should raise her)

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First welcome to Arknights, it is pretty much were I sink most of my time into these days. Your question is actually something that I think many players will inevitably ask themselves. Looking at your setup I think you made some pretty good choices. I would agree with leveling up Amiya and Hoshiguma both of them are very good operators and will serve you well. I think Shirayuki and Scavenger are also very solid choices to level up also. I would also consider leveling up Melantha, Jessica, and Gitano as I think those units will serve your well. I’ll give reasons for each below.


  • She is servers the role of an anti-aerial sniper. Essentially, she is a better version of Kroos for you.
  • There will be some maps where there will be several enemy aerial units and having 2 leveled up anti-aerial units, in my opinion, is a good idea.


  • She is a duelist guard meaning she has will naturally have high attack.
  • While she isn’t the best at her role she is still a great unit for dealing with tougher enemies in a 1v1.
  • As a 3 star, she is a really cheap to level stat stick. Though she will eventually fall off because she can’t be promoted to e2.


  • She is a 4 star AoE caster which is useful to have for dealing with swarms of enemies.
  • She is a direct improvement over Lava who you either already have or will get very soon.
  • Because it is easier to get multiple copies of her via recruitment the high cost of AoE operators is somewhat mitigated.
  • Her s2 will slow is a solid skill giving her bonus range and DPS.

A few people have recommended Fang to you and I honestly don’t think she a bad 3-star operator, however, you can get Courier from the Credit store over time. He serves the same purpose as a defense-oriented vanguard, but because he is a 4-star operator he gets a access to a better version of Fang’s skill and a second better skill at elite 1. Plus he can be promoted to elite 2 later on down the road if need be. I am actually working on a youtube channel dedicated to helping out players and even started a second account partially for this reason. First videos have gone up recently so feel free to check it out here. Note though I am not a very good speaker.

if you havent gotten too far and youre happy to reroll. i would prob reroll till you at least get silver ash possibly even 2x 6*

itll helpyou out in the long run

Eyyyyyy, another FGOer adds another layer of hell to their lives. :fgo_rinlaugh:

Imo, you can almost never go wrong with who to raise. Just look them up on GP and pay attention to their listed archetypes and skill sets. Some of them are really similar or even downright the same minus the stat and skill values.

For example, both Fang and Scavenger have the same Skill 1. When their SP gauge fills up, they give you a sum of DP to use. Scavenger just gives more than Fang, but has higher SP cost. But looking at their stats, Fang is more defensively oriented, so she’s good for tanking early waves whereas Scavenger’s higher ATK is better for quickly killing weak enemies at the start.

And unlike FGO, where low rarities already have lower stats than high rarity counterparts, Operators at the same promotion level (the equivalent of Ascension) are pretty much equals (or if not, the differences in performance are fairly slight and almost insignificant).

For example, you’ll see little difference between a level 30 Kroos, a level 30 Jessica, and a level 30 Exusiai (6* Sniper of the same archetype and similar Skill 1 to Kroos and Jessica). Their starting stats are skewed more towards higher rarity, but not so much that the difference becomes immediately apparent during gameplay. In the beginning, you could easily replace Exusiai with Kroos of a similar level and you’d barely notice the difference.

Stat differences start to become more apparent as you level them. Even at E0 promotion (the base promotion level), Jessica has a higher level cap than Kroos, and Exusiai’s is even higher. Still, the differences aren’t so great that you’d immediately stop using Kroos.

Promoting them to E1 (resetting levels BUT NOT the stats), means Exusiai’s stats can shoot even higher than theirs because her new stat cap is still higher than Jessica’s or Kroos’s new caps.

Furthermore, 4*-6* Operators can be further promoted to E2. So Jessica and Exusiai’s stats shoot up further even after Kroos has hit her final level cap at E1.

So TLDR, don’t worry about leveling up the wrong Operator. Tons of videos and YTers out there showcase low rarity clears with varying tactics. It’s one of the rare games where you can literally play however you want (provided you don’t decide to only raise one class and think you can win everything).

Just as how FGO’s rule of thumb is to raise one ST and one AoE, rule of thumb is to raise 2 each of Vanguards, Guards, Defenders, Medics, and Casters. Those ten will form the core of most any team, especially at the beginning. The remaining two can be just about anything or anyone you have on hand you think could help.

For straight up recommendations from your current roster...


Scavenger and Fang - Gives DP whenever their SP fills up. They’ll be the backbone of your team for days and weeks to come. If you go to Store > Credit Store, tap on Operator Progress at the bottom of the screen. Once you spend a certain number of Credits listed there, you unlock the appropriate Operator in the shop next time it resets. Courier is a more defensive-oriented operator, so an upgrade to Fang (though with a higher DP cost so it’s up to you who to use) or a substitute for Scavenger if you find Scavenger dying too quickly (though his ATK is lower than Scavenger’s by comparison).

Plume - her Trait (a passive skill) is that she gains 1DP per kill. But unlike Scavenger or Fang, she can only Block one enemy at a time. So placement needs to be deliberate or else you risk someone slipping through at an early stage.


Melantha - If you look up her stats you’ll find that her HP and ATK are among the highest in the game despite being a 4*. She hits hard and can take hits.


Kroos and Jessica - Their Skill 1 is simple. After each attack, they charge their SP. Once full, their next hit harder. Then repeat. Simple and very effective. They have the ‘Anti-Air Sniper’ Archetype, meaning if there is a aerial drone in their range, they WILL target it first. Which is good, because other ranged units might accidentally let those slip past if they’re attacking something else.

Rangers and Adnachiel - slightly more niche than the two above. Rangers deals extra 50% damage to aerial drones (needs to be level 30 to unlock this Talent), and when Adnachiel is promoted to E1, his Talent lets him focus on Ranged enemies first, great for taking out enemy snipers and casters moving among groups of melee enemies.

Shirayuki - an AoE Sniper. Lower attack speed, but great coverage. Her first skill increases her range massively. Her second skill, unlocked at E1, is where she shines, however. It lets her deal Arts type damage for the duration of her skill. And in this game, Arts damage pierces through DEF. So despite normally dealing physical damage, she can also switch to Arts damage for the duration of the skill to help take out any high DEF enemies in her range.


Gavial - You can get her in the Credit store the same way as Courier. The two of them will alternate appearing in the shop each day provided you’ve spent the required amount of credits already.

Ansel - I know you don’t have Ansel, but you’ll eventually get Ansel via Recruitment. I prefer Ansel over Hibiscus because Ansel’s Skill 1 provides one extra block of range for a little more versatility in placement. The Talent unlocked upon promotion to E1 gives a small chance of healing more than one operator at a time (low at 7%, but it’s there.)


Hoshiguma - definitely level her. She hits back pretty hard, unlike most other Defenders, while still able to take a beating. Since you only have 1 Guard at the moment, she can act as a replacement for both Blocking and attacking enemies.

Matterhorn - different from most ‘Normal Defender’ archetypes because he not only possesses some Resist stats (lowers Arts/magical damage) but his skills raise his Max HP, rather than raising his DEF stat. Not bad, but if you need extra tankiness when high ATK enemies come calling you may need someone else.

Beagle - Like Ansel, you’re sure to get her from Recruitment. More straightforward than Hoshi or Matterhorn as she is a straight up tank with a decent DEF buff for her first skill.

Dur-Nar - Once you get all 6 copies of Courier and Gavial from the Credit store, Dur-nar will take their place. Hoshiguma’s Skill 1 gives her both an ATK and DEF buff. Dur-nar’s give her only ATK. But her second Skill, unlocked at E1, lets her deal ARTS damage. So though she’s not as tanky, she’s a decent counter to high DEF low RES enemies. To make things better, she’ll attack up to 3 enemies all at once while the skill is up, provided they are in her attack range.


Amiya - A great ST Caster, enough said. And as mentioned above, Arts damage pierces through DEF, so she’s great for taking out High DEF enemies.

Gitano and Lava - Lava is another one you’re sure to get from Recruitment. Both she and Gitano are AoE Casters. Lower ATK than ST Casters, but made up for by being AoE. You’ll need at least one for clearing groups of enemies before they overwhelm your defenses. Two is preferable should you need it.


Ah, the naivety of new players that think that there are useless operators… :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside, you have the best defender of the game, Oshiguma, and Amiya is a very strong Caster.

A good start

P.S. the low rarity operators , while weaker, are cheap.

This is invaluable in many maps in which being fast from the start truly matters.

You will discover that a party full of 5* or 6* will fall easily, for the fact that you cant deploy them fast enough.

That’s where low quality vanguards, casters, defenders etc etc will shine

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Me using my usual team looking at you like this

me using my usual team looking at you like this

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Show some love for those poor low star operators.

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