Titles and Skills list - Pokemon Mafia Round 1

Here’s a list I made. Really simplified compared to my past lists in hopes that it helps TOWN more than mafia this time around. I’ve decided to omit certain things I deem as damaging to townies if the mafia had easy access to them. This list mainly just focuses on Players’ titles and their skills. I will refrain from confirming characters if I can.

Check back on this post every now and then. I will try to update it semi-regularly. It’s also a wiki, so you guys can add to it if you want. Just pls remember to refrain from adding things that would be damaging to town if mafia had easy access to it. Example: somebody reveals their character or that they’re an investigator.

IMPORTANT! Fairy type exists in this game. K now you can look at teh lists :>

Night 1 Story Transcribed

A Playboy Bunny(Ban) was minding her own business, then suddenly a Dojo Champ(N/A) came up, begging for a fight! Before even giving the Playboy Bunny(Ban) time to put up her dukes, he charged right at her! The More Original than Arceus(Sweetie) tried to protect the bunny, but they were quickly spooked by an Agent from the Future(N/A) . By instinct, the Playboy Bunny(Ban) tried to work those long legs to dodge, but it was no use. She had been attacked mercilessly and was brutally wounded by the super effective hit!

The Apple Hunter(Greninja) was seen encouraging an Ice Cold Bitch(Ration) and the Child of Aura(Halo) . Following the hunter’s lead, the Snapping Not Turtle(Bell) cheered on the Apple Hoarder(Ace).

A More than a Pretty Face(Lord) was seen minding their own business, when suddenly the Best Pokémon(Impluse) attempted an attack! However, the attacker was quickly blinded by a Turned on my Charm and her Pants Came Off(Sawtuis) . Annoyed, the Best Pokémon(Impulse) started heading home, but not before looking up to the stars and making a wish. While staring at the sky, the Best Pokémon(Impulse) was suddenly attacked by an Unhealthy Diet(Mystery) ! However, the Best Pokémon(Impulse) was completely unscathed and just shrugged, then headed home to wash out its eyes. The Turned on my Charm and her Pants Came Off(Sawtuis) , however, was not finished, and went for an attack on the Charming Trio(KGNova) , but out of nowhere, a Proud Penguin(Light) stuck out its chest and protected the Charming Trio(KGNova) . The Child of Aura(Halo) witnessed the entire thing, paying especially close attention to the Turned on my Charm and her Pants Came Off(Sawtuis) . However, he didn’t find anything particularly interesting.

An Onion Bitch(Souljia) was out and about and came upon the idea to analyze the More than a Pretty Face(Lord) . The Onion Bitch(Souljia) was nearly frozen in her tracks, but she said “not today, bitch” and cleverly avoided the trap to continue her analysis. The Hot Fox(Flayn) tried to put the Onion Bitch(Souljia) in a trance, but she was long gone. Just because she’s so nice, she came back and healed the Playboy Bunny(Ban) , only to immediately disappear again just before the Apple Hoarder(Ace) attempted an attack on the Onion Bitch(Souljia) . Though she told him she couldn’t be caught, the Edgy Massko(Averdi) protected Onion Bitch(Souljia) anyway. A man of few words, the Edgy Massko(Averdi) then disappeared from the night after ensuring his friend was safe.

The More than a Pretty Face(Lord) was once again minding their own business, then decided to attack the Hot Fox(Flayn)! However, the fox was protected by an Absolute Queen(Rex) . After the successful protection, the Absolute Queen(Rex) starts to head home, then she suddenly gets attacked by a Nasal Infection(N/A) ! She tried to dodge the attack, but she got infected too hard too fast by the super effective attack, heavily wounding her.

The Gangsta Turtle(Cody) was on his way to attack the Charming Trio(KGNova) , but was greeted by the Slumbering Giant(N/A) . The giant instantly went for the attack, wounding the Gangsta Turtle(Cody)! The Gangsta Turtle(Cody) was too spooked from the previous attack to move, so they withdrew and headed home. The More Original than Arceus(Sweetie) was still spooked as well from earlier, as they failed to work up the courage to attack the Angry Giraffe(N/A) .

A Meowth That’s Right(Minutaie) was out shiny hunting then decided to throw some spare change at an Armless Cook(Cutie) , wounding them!. After getting hit, the Armless Cook(Cutie) fled the night. However, she still made it back in time for dinner with the More than a Pretty Face(Lord) that night. However, not even a few minutes into the meal, the Armless Cook(Cutie) let out a shriek and a DING , and fled yet again. More than a Pretty Face(Lord) just can’t seem to catch a break tonight.

Claimed Titties that have shown up

@ACExDiscostu93 - Apple Hoarder

@Averdi - Edgy Massko

@Banraku - Playboy Bunny

@Belluchi - Snapping Not Turtle

@CutiePie67 - Armless Cook

@Eflakis - Gangsta Turtle

@FlaynFish - Claimed Fire Fox but Hot Fox is close enough

@Greninja - Apple Hunter

@Hanyu - Nasal Infection (MAFIA)

@Impulse - Best Pokémon

@KGNova - Charming Trio (MAFIA)

@LightsidR - Proud Penguin

@LordHelpMe - More Than a Pretty Face (CONFIRMED MAFIA)

@Minutaie - Meowth That’s Right

@Mysterym1ster - Unhealthy Diet (CONFIRMED MAFIA)

@Rationale - Ice Cold Bitch

@Rex_Psyclosa - Absolute Queen

@sawtuis - Turned on my Charm and her Pants Came Off

@Souljia_Boy - Onion Bitch

@SweetiePie - More Original than Arceus

@Thehalohedgehog - Child of Aura

Claimed Titties That Have Yet to Show up

@A_Aron - Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman (Wobuffet)

@Bow-of-Sacae - Bluebell ( Bronzong )

@Salt_Guardian_Leaf - Legendary Duck (Cresselia)

@ShinxDaSphinx - Too Pure For Our Ocean (Lapras)

@Hanyu - Nasal Infection (Roserade?)

Titties That Were Unclaimed
  • Dojo Champ - Attacked Ban
  • Agent from the Future
  • Slumbering Giant
  • Angry Giraffe

Theories Regarding Some Unclaimed Or Sus Titties

Slumbering Giant is theorized to be Regigigas | ?
TMFM has confirmed Regi to be a True Neutral or SK | ✓

Agent from the Future is theorized to be Dusknoir | ?

Angry Giraffe is theorized to be Girafarig or Primal Dialga | ?

Dojo Champ is theorized to be Machoke or Hitmonlee | ?
Hitmonlee would most likely be Mafia, while Machoke would most likely be Town.
Btw, Averdi putting in work! ;)

Legendary Duck aka, Salt, may be an alias for Darkrai. Darkrai takes Cresselia’s form in the game. Darkrai could also have reverse heals as a skill. Careful. x.x

Charming Trio aka, KGNova, may be Mafia based on this | ?

Other Post About the Title List

Okay so since we already have 3 confirmed mafia titles Charming Trio , Unhealthy Diet , and More Than A Pretty Face

We need to look at all of our remaining sus titles:

  • @Rex_Psyclosa confirmed Nasal Infection isn’t town
  • Slumbering Giant BMed @Eflakis
  • Dojo Champ used a super effective attacked against our confirmed investigator @Banraku
  • Agent from the Future blocked @SweetiePie’s protect from Banraku and the title is sus in general

With 2 confirmed mafia, there’s only room for 4 more hostile titles. (3 mafia & 1 SK)

But if the SK is ditto then none of these titles fit, so either SK isn’t ditto. If ditto transformed then they would have had a repeat of someone’s title unless ditto transformed into a maf and used that person’s real title but that might not be the case.

One of these titles could also be a disjoint, all four could also match perfectly but that doesn’t seem too likely but it’s a possibility.

Detailed List Lingo:

? = Unsure or no backing evidence. A claim

✓ = Said thing has shown in the story or has enough corroborating evidence to say it’s confirmed true, or close to it

✘ = Said thing has been shown to be untrustworthy, with 1 or more instances of contradictions.

Detailed data of every player in the game

Title - Apple Hoarder | ✓
Passive - I know Greninja is a member of the town and their character/title | ✓
Skill 1 - Block - P3 | ?
Skill 2 - Attack - P4 | ✓

Character - Wobuffett | ✓
Title - Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman | ?
Passive - Counterattack | ?
Skill 1 - Encore | ?
Skill 2 - Destiny Bond | ?

Title - Edgy Massko via Souljia | ✓
Passive? - Weird Stun thing | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ✓
Skill 2 - Protect | ✓

Character - Lopunny | ✓
Title - Playboy Bunny | ✓
Passive -Let’s her know that Rex is Gardevior and they both dodge the most damaging attack aimed at them if they’re both alive | ✓

Skill 1 - Block - P1 | ✓

N1 Investigation Results - Sweetie is Town | ✓

Title - Snapping Not Turtle | ?
Skill 1 - Protectish | ✓
Skill 2 - Attack | ?

Win-con | ?
Character - Bronzong | ?
Title - Bluebell | ?
Alignment - 3rd Party - True Neutral | ?
Skill 1 - Weird Protect | Now buffed to P1 | ?

Title - Gangsta Turtle | ✓
Passive - Attacks the redirector of his attack if redirected | ✓
Skill 1 - Protect - P3 | ✓
Skill 2 - Attack - P4 | ✓

Condition - Silence

Title - Armless Cook | ✓
Skill 1 - Heal | ✓

N1 Investigation Results - lordhelpme is Mafia | ✓

Title - A Fire Fox/Hot Fox | ?
Skill 1 - Hypnosis | ✓

Title - Apple Hunter via Ace | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ?
Skill 2 - Support thingy that makes others attacks better | ✓

Character - [Roserade/Darkrai/Dusknoir?(Pokémon Mafia Round 1 Day Thread Part 3 || The Plot is Thiccer than Torchic) | ?
Title - Nasal Infection | ✓
Skill details

Hanyu has confessed to being part of the MAFIA

Title - Child of Aura | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P2 | ?

Title - Best Pokemon | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ✓

Character - Dugtrio | ?
Title - Charming Trio | ?
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ?
Skill 2 - Block/Redirect thingy? | ?

KGNova may be a member of the MAFIA based on this finding | ?

Title - Proud Penguin | ✓
Skill 1 - Protect - P3 | ✓
Skill 2 - Attack with a trick to it - P4 | ?

Title - More than a Pretty Face | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ✓

Alignment - MAFIA via Cutie | ✓

According to Rex, More than a pretty face is an Ice/Ghost type | ✓
Which means lordhelpme is most likely Froslass. TMFM confirms that Froslass would be SK or Mafia | ✓

Character - I got no clue
Title - Meowth that’s right! | ✓
Passive? - Weird Stun thingy | ?
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ✓

Character - Sableye | ✓
Title? - Unhealthy Diet | ?
Skill 1 - Attack | ✓

Member of the MAFIA as confirmed by TMFM :joy:

Poor Mystery

Title - Ice Cold confirmed by himself and via Greninja & Halo | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack | ?

Cody appears to thinks Ration is sus based on his passive | ?

Character - Gardevior via Banraku | ✓
Title - Absolute Queen | ✓
Skill 1 - Protect | ✓

Nasal Infection is a hostile party according to Rex | ✓

According to Rex, More than a pretty face is an Ice/Ghost type | ✓
Which means lordhelpme is most likely Froslass. TMFM confirms that Froslass would be SK or Mafia | ✓

Character - Cresselia | ?
Title - Legendary Duck | ?
Skill 1 - Protect | ?
Skill 2 - Heal | ?
Skill 3 - Buff | ?

Title - Turned on my Charm and her Pants Came Off | ✓
Skill 1 - Attack - P4 | ✓
Skill 2 - Block - P3 - that can target two players | ✓

Character - Lapras | ?
Title - Too Pure for Our Ocean | ?
Passive - Reduced Damage | ?
Skill 1 - Protect - P3 | ?
Skill 2 - Buff - Boosts Priority by 2 and gives +1 damage to attacks | ?

Passive - lets her know Averdi’s Title and that he’s Town. | ✓
Skill 1 - Pseudo-Protect | ✓

Title - More Original than Arceus | ✓
Passive - Unredirectable | ✓
Skill 1 - protecc | ✓
Skill 2 - attacc - P4 | attacc gains higher priority after she protecc - P2 | ✓

Alignment - TOWN via Banraku | ✓


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