TMFM's Hot FEH Girls Tier List

Since this seems to be popular lately, I decided to make my own list on the prettiest women in FEH. I went purely by Heroes art here, which is why Clair is so low.




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@ShinxDaSphinx What?

Rebecca is in D

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Looks like A is the best tier here.


Effie’s art is gorgeous though

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Nino in lowest tier…


Most of my faves are top tier so no problems here. Sick rhyme

Only thing that makes me sad is Kagero

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Her art is nice, but I was just never able to find her attractive tbh


Why is Est in the No tier? Gordin all over again

Isn’t she a kid?

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If you think Est is hot then you need a stronger prescription for those glasses of yours


Then take it up with Abel.

Nope shes an adult

A lot of chars in general tend to not have ages though

In that case… she’s in D tier

I thought Gordin was only 20 in the novel

At least you made her not a kid

Sadly her art in this game is ugly

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No in the sequel I believe. In SD I cant remember but probably 17-18

Definitely prefer her SoV art for sure, along with Clair’s
Clair would easily be A tier

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