Tming frustation

So a quick question kinda know the answer to but want it verified. If I tm swampert he will not get hydro cannon unless its elite tm. No legacy or cd moves just frustration off. Also who’s all got some nasty shadow mons waiting for this

Does anyone know if I tm this tommrow when I evolve it does it go back to frustation

If it’s already a shadow swampert then yes, you need an elite TM to get Hydro Cannon. If it’s still a Mudkip or Marshtomp, using a regular TM now and waiting till December’s CD to evolve it will also get you Hydro Cannon.

If you TM Weepinbell and then evolve it, it will NOT get Frustration back, don’t worry. Your Shadow Victreebel will have a normal charge move


As Ke5Jun has answered your question, here’s what I’m TMing today

I don’t mind waiting until December to evolve it, it will be worth the wait :smiley:


Jealous of that!!!

Nope…once frustration is gone it doesn’t come back via TM or evolve. Gone forever.

That’s awesome! Honestly I wouldn’t wait any longer, I would evolve it right away and use an Elite TM on it

TMed these guys. They aren’t especially great, but they fit in the job. Waiting for an ECTM to max the Metagross.

This is what sucks I need to go look for more though this is gonna be a grind

I have a 15/15/5 Shadow Beldum that I’ll evolve in December. I’m not a fan of the super low HP but it was the only 15 Atk shadow Beldum I had. I got a decent Shadow Electivire today that I TM’d Frustration off and I pulled the plug on a Shadow Porygon Z I’d been holding onto for a while. I’ll mess around with it in UL or ML/PC. I have a decent Shadow Mudkip but I didn’t TM Frustration off because I’m going to look for a better one since they’re a common Grunt battle.

Got one

Did that with a 15/14/14… and on a rainy day the following week it purified itself after the screen got wet and decided to press buttons on it’s own.

Not going to make the same mistake twice… and MM is still obtainable so not going to waste another Elite TM on it.

Saving that for when I find my perfect pvp Dewgong :smiley:

Dang you guys, my best Shadow Beldum is like 2/1/5 lol. I need some of that luck (I do have a 13/15/11 Shadow Bagon though; that girl’s gonna be a beast once she’s an Outrage Salamence).

I TMed all my shadow Beldum (4); a 0/0/0 Shadow MM Metagross is still better than a 15/15/15 regular MM Metagross of the same level anyways.

got 14/14/15 Shadow Beldum, but on al account and only 1 Ilte TM and not enough candy to max anyway, so will probably wait till December, even when i need him now.

Dude wtf how.

I got it about 2 weeks after I got a 96%, 4 days later I also got a hundo shadow Exeggcute.

It was just my time to get lucky, not had anything decent since… not even a reasonable Mudkip