TMS Orbs expire on January 31st

As is typical for special occasions like this but I thought I’d let people know anyways.


The question is, do they expire in the Present List or if you don’t put them in there :feh_marththink:

Thing is that it’s impossible to open the game without collecting them, but I’m pretty sure they stay in your Present List. Not that it makes much of a difference to me, I’m collecting them before the 31st anyway :feh_bkhaha:

:feh_confused: what do you mean?

Oof, my bad, meant Present List :catroll:

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Oh, then definitely just after the 31st as they say. Actually I should add that date to the post.

I might have understood that wrong, but those orbs don´t show a “valid for xx days” or something like that, when they´re in the present list, so doesn´t that mean, they´re practically valid forever, like in “they wont disappear from your present list”?

yeah I read that too, and thats why I´m confused about it^^ Because I remember something in my Present list having told me this “only valid for xx days” once , and this one doesn´t

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I mean they tell you outright that they expire. I don’t see how it could be confusing.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking :catroll:

Like the My Nintendo rewards, those have an expiration date inside the list itself. These don’t, so I think the limit is just so you can get them in there. They’re safe for the keeping. No reason an event like that could last for a long time, after all.

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