To build or not to build ; when choices becomes problems

Hey all, :catwave:

As I was looking at my feather count and how many more units I wanted to merge and play with, it made made me realize that I’m either stalling or not building some units despite really wanting to.

To be more clear : I’m talking about units, either characters you enjoy, maybe their art / voicelines are really good or any other reason you can think of…but haven’t build them because of various reasons. Whether it be feather lacking or type coverage and such.

For example, I really wanted to build Halloween Sophia ; her art is absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to see that in action. But…a flying tank mage? As long as you’re fine not tanking bows, you can afford to run something decent without Iote Sacred Seal. But even then, I have a good amount of tanky blue units that can do that job well. Who knows ; I might crack some day, but that day isn’t now.

Ashnard is another one ; I do find his art great and combat prowess pretty good (Iote in weapon, so like, already a win), but man, the amount of Red units, not to mention , SWORD units I have merged to max are astounding. Just counting my merged Sword Fliers that are above +5 merged ; Caeda, Palla, Valentian Palla, New Year Camilla, Laegjarn, the list goes on.

But enough about me ; what are your occurences? Do you have any at all? I’d love to see you share these ; maybe we could even find new projects to be interested in. :cat:

Until then, later! :catdance:


I’d love to build Florina since I find her pretty relatable, but just don’t see myself actually having much use for her. Especially when I already have Altena who fills the tanky lance flier role better (probably).

Titania is in a similar boat. I like her design but God damn she is not good in Feh. Seth too, albeit to a lesser extent. Justice for these two when IS?

While already built, I’ve wanted to update my Bartre with a more modern build for a long time but just can’t think of much reason to do so. Dagr fills most of my axe infantry needs (especially since I built him for spd) and B!Eirika fills my armor killing needs. So the poor guy has just been collecting dust.


Ninja Shamir is very much this for me. I love Shamir, easily one of my favourite FE characters, but I just don’t have the motivation to build a very good, easily accessible alt for one simple reason: Ninja Hana. I merged up the cuter ninja when she came out and Shamir is just a few BST better off but can do nothing different. If she’d been literally anything but an infantry axe, she’d already be +10 but IS are lazy gits.
I could merge her anyway to have cute ninja and hot ninja doing the same things but is that really worth all those grails. Although now Vital Astra is a thing, that could open up some different moveset options as Hana usually has Galeforce.

Halloween Sophia is one for me too. So adorable I want to build her but she’s just a flying Ilyana so, again, have to question all those grails.


Karel and Ryoma because of the sword infantry rain
OG Lyon and Berkut because I feathered them in my noob days


For me it’s just not having enough feathers.

You can probably tell by all the polls I keep making that I will build units I like no matter how outdated or terrible their stats/PRFs/etc are.

I almost never use most of those units, but that hasn’t stopped me.


Setsuna seemed like a nice project but I already have Norne, Klein and Tanya and I dont need more colorless bow archers.
Kinda the same with Ares when I have Kempf, Summer Norne looked really good but I preferred Summer Ogma.
Im now conflicted between merging or foddering Picnic Felicia to +1 with refine because her refine is good but Brave Ephraim has been my go to option for green armor, same problem about Sheena which got an amazing refine and is a decent unit. In a world when I had much more feathers, flowers and grails maybe I would build those units but in this one I just have to leave some behind in favor of others.


Those two fill very different niches though


Very much the same boat. It’s actually the same problem I have with Frederick ; I have a plan on how I’d build him, but thing is ; I already have someone who has his exact same role ; my +9 Eldigan ; Brash Assault Despo build.

I haven’t build either, but back in the day, I wanted to build Hana. Now, I’m kinda glad I didn’t, so I’ll have the choice between the 2. But also, like, I have many Axe Infantries fully merged, so it’s an issue no matter which I pick.

Ah, another unit I wanted to build but haven’t somehow. It also doesn’t help when I have both Horse Chrom, Siegbert and Ares who are Spd-Focused, so I’d have to go differently with him. Maybe Windsweep / Poison Strike Seal? That’d be worth trying later on, I suppose.


True but I had more usefulness out of Kempf than Ares.


Type bloating is the most common reason I’ve passed on potential projects. S!Nanna, S!Norne, G!Hinata, Dieck, Saber, and those are only the ones I can remember off the top of my head

Commander Anna was passed up because, even though I know people have made the Askrtrio still perform well to this day, I’d still always have the feeling that she was gimped compared to my other projects, not to mention the ever-growing number of units in line for DFs

F!Rhea is being passed on simply due to her being an Armor as there are very few (currently two) I enjoy using regularly.


Would have been cool if Shamir was like a lance. Sure M!Corrin was and he was the demote too but we need more f2p lance infantry.


I have a lot of these. I have a big pile of units waiting for feathers, merges and/or grails.

-Boyd (absolute priority Next month)
-Oliver (i have all the copies but he requires too many DF)
-Tanith (lacking 2/3 copies)
-Marcia (lacking 4/5 copies and a good build idea)
-Kyza (waiting for a final copy and tons of feathers)
-Bertram (he is low in my grail wishlist)
-Halloween Xane ( i have all the copies, but he is the unit that needs the merging least)
-Staff Xane (lacking copies)
-Pelleas (lacking rerun copies and a nice build)
-Petrine (even lower on my grail list)
-Python (he will be done eventually)
-Ena and Mercie (lacking the energy)

They’re too many and feathers wont come fast. Muarim may be prioritized after Boyd, which would delay everything, and I also have Silent Soren and L!Miccy as my current 5* projects, both at +4 . I can’t think how many projects ive discarded :_ But some are Erk, Knoll, Lindhart, Raphael, Norne, Summer Norne, Caeda…

And also, if i summon a nice bunch of copies i may add Cath and Colm to the list. So, i have a problem, yup.


I’m always out of feathers :catroll: I have copies for the units I want to build, and I don’t particularly care about whether or not I’ve built a unit like them, or if I’ll even use them, but I’m so slow on merging up units because of lack of feathers :catlie:


Sonya: +9, waiting for forma.

Petrine: +9, waiting for forma.

N! Shamir: +9, waiting for limited TP.

Kronya: +9. Waiting for forma.

Brunnya: +9. Waiting on forma.

So… I have a few. But waiting til IS gives me the opportunity to both finish merging them AND grant them premium shit at the same time.


Sonya already got a Forma of her ; the previous Shadows of Valentia Hall of Forms, so you might be sheer out of luck.


You missed your chance on that one, unfortunately. She was in the last Binding Blade HoF

Unless they start rerunning old HoF, which I am EXTREMELY doubtful they’ll do because whenever there isn’t a HoF going on the event is eaten up by the Forma Allies thing, you’re out of luck

Edit: Same with Sonya


Well I was going to say Sonya was already in HoF but I see I’m late to the punch


Oh wait, no my bad. Brunnya I did forma, I’m just waiting on reruns for merges.

And by Sonya I meant Sonia… The blazing blade Morph not the blazing wind spammer.

IS, you really need to get more creative between your games…


You’re still out of luck on this front. Brunnya is a TT unit. Might as well burn those Grails.


Ah shit, you’re right. And it’s far past time for her to appear in limited TP. Well… I’ll just hold off until she gets a refine, then blow through grails to finish her (… Or not…)