To everyone who wants H Myrrh and didn't had luck yet

I feel so bad for everyone going for H Myrrh and didn’t have any luck so far. I just did another little summoning session for her and got another copy.

Her IVs are trash but that doesn’t really matter. I already can choose between +Atk or +Res. Probably take the +Atk one thanks to the superboon but I’m not completely sure about that yet.

Now I’m sitting with a 4.00 rate and hope to break it with another one later. No non focus pity breaker so far.

Wish you best of luck summoning for her and I hope reading this gives you some of my luck.


Red unit + 4 person banner never goes well :tooobin:

I wish luck to anyone who is pulling for her! :myrrhthink:


I already have her at 40+1 (got super lucky last year and pulled 2 with minimal effort), I wonder if I should go for more though…

My summons: Allow me to introduce myself


That‘s so true. Sadly most seasonals are that way and H Myrrh will probably only appear again in October 2020.

Maybe IS surprise us with a HF seasonal banner but I honestly don’t believe that.


Cheater :hecmad:

You must be very lucky. :birbpeek:

You know that she was on a Mythic Banner before, right?

Yes and every seasonal appeared only once in a legendary/mythic so far.

There can still be a possibility though that she reappears, just think positiv.

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Why would she appear on another 8% banner when they’re already behind on so many red seasonals?

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Dunno, thinking positiv never hurt someone.

Yeah of course it‘s still possible that IS will surprise us. Maybe in the 3rd anniversary?

I saw “Atk superboon” and I was confused because I swear everyone told me def was the superboon, help :eirikabulli:

It’s Atk superboon yeah,but Def is overall a little better (unless for scoring purposes) to secure doubles on her weapon.

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