To farm QP daily or void dust

The drop rate seems pretty bad and I would have to do more battles per day for them, while QP is a lot more consistent, so is it truly worth spending it on bois dust ( I know only I can decide wether it’s truly worth but…)

Guda Guda 3 has 18 from Quest. Your next event would be Fate Zero Rerun around October(I think). If you plan to farm it , I’d recommend Charlotte in America. QP is always good to have but unless you really need it, I’d farm what materials are needed in the meantime. You can always farm hard on Lotto events to get QP.

I’ve never farmed for QP on three accounts outside of the occasional 1/2 AP daily, whereas I’m permanently parked at Charlotte for dust and proofs. Your answer will vary depending on how much you spend on the gacha, which probably skews you toward the QP end of the spectrum since you’ll have more skills to level, and QP is a universal currency to that end.

Besides random QP events like the Apocrypha raids, I rely almost exclusively on lottos for QP myself.


I try my best to save but I never canc I always get the impulse to spend quartz. Tho that worked in favour of me on the okita banner but the first Sherlock banner was a bloodbath…

Easy. If you’re mats-gated to ascend-skill up your servants, farm mats.
If you’re QP-gated, farm QP.
You don’t need QP if you can’t spend it because you need mats you don’t have.
As was mentioned already, Charlotte has pretty good droprates for dust with a fine bonus of proofs. But we’re also getting dust in lotto boxes of Gilfest this September.

This is my current situation entirely. Proofs, Dust, Bones, and Feathers are capping me hard, so I’m scrambling to do whatever I can to inch out of reverse QP hell.

I wouldn’t worry about the lotto nullifying your proof needs. You literally need thousands of them for servant skills – even if you farmed 300+ boxes, which is a pretty hefty amount, you’d still find plenty of places to spend your dust since there are only 3 a box. Ditto with bones and proofs, which are also in the lottos. I went hard on the Da Vinci rerun at the start of this year, and it still barely made a dent in my proof, dust, and bone needs.

Yeah, I’ve stopped myself with Apo raids when I hit 700m QP since

and in my case - also gears and fangs. They’re just there and gone in a poof even after lottos and hunting quests.

Can it even happen? :fgo_deadinside: this year X-Mas lotto has bones, and I’m already seeing myself crazy-eyed at the end :'D I wish bones were in Gilfes lotto since lotto currency nodes are pretty much the same value-wise in all 3 weeks instead of going nuts in the last days of X-Mas lotto.

When its a dead week with no events, i just do 40AP training grounds. Don’t need embers. Don’t need QP.
I have hundreds of each ascension material, pieces and monuments and 3 star fous.

Reason is because it takes less time to clear the AP bar. If i did 20APish quests, i would take twice as long to clear my AP for the day. But, yeah this is coming from a level 140 F2P master who has no servants to level except the latest welfare and skadi (incoming, i hope).
i.e. i am saving for skadi so haven’t been rolling for quite awhile and so i got zilch to level.

With event shops, materials just keep piling up too. Happy problem i guess.

Err gilfest arrives around september which has dust, proofs, babies and snake eyes + qp as part of the lotto. 300 boxes per lotto is generally my goal and that covers most of my needs for qp for 6months or so. But if you’re fairly new or havent been playing since year 1 this may be difficult

There are really couple of questions: how efficiently you can farm Charlotte. I do it from time to time as I can 3 turn it with a lot of servants and use it to farm bond level and MC EXP as well. Though it’s been replaced with farming Ice crystals at the moment. If you can’t 3t it I’d probably focus on qp

How much qp do you have? I’d say anything less than 200mil is probably borderline what I like to have in reserve. That’s approx the qp cost of max leveling+skills a 4* or getting an SSR to max level and what I call a generally usable skill level at +6

Personally unless it’s a really important servant or a class/role servant you don’t have a strong option in I’d be doing qp runs if Under 200mil qp. There are a whole bunch of servants to be released in the coming month + welfares and you need to be able to fund their development especially if you are trying for Skadi. Worst case scenario 4/4/4 skills only need gems and while not the best still useable or proritise skills.

My answer used to be qp. And then I hit lotto season and hit a half off treasure vault pretty hard. I’ve only been below 500mil qp for short periods since September now. Throttled my Apocrypha apples to not go over 750mil.

Definitely mat gated on using all that qp, besides the fact that I’m starting to get more np upgrades vs new servants to raise when I roll. Of course if I got my hands on 50 lores, that qp would disappear quickly, but I don’t see DW ever being that lore generous.