To fodder a Mareeta

I thought I was prepared to do so. But I’m having second thoughts.
Pulled a neutral Mareeta and I’m not planning on pulling anymore.

So what do I want to fodder her for? This build.

I like Mareeta, but Gerik is one of my favorite characters. So that’s why I ask here. Should I kill Mareeta?

  • :feh_inherit:
  • No

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Or if there’s another build to go with Gerik, I’m open to ideas.


It’s not killing, she’s just giving him her skills :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

It looks like a fun build to me. I’d do it if Mareepta won’t be doing much others can’t.


Well, if you’re really like Gerik, just do it :feh_smugkut:
But well for me I won’t do that cuz collection purposes.
(and I’m not that fan for this B skill)

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Ah man I love them both :tired_face: (Mareeta a little more).
I love Gerik as utility at least thats how I use him,but why spd form specifically ?

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Cuz I have a Petra to burn, and it’s a nice dual phase skill.

And I kinda wanna use Gerik with Innes, so solos aren’t the best idea


I see, It’s a good choice,especially since everything else that’s dual phase is either hp draining,reduces bulk or just glue 2 unit’s together (hate bond skills for the most part :expressionless:).

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Killing a top 3 red sword unit for Gerik is… rich!

Not everything is gameplay, ya know.

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I agree.

If you want, consider giving Gerik phantom spd, as he’ll be able to use close call much better.

You know, that’s accually not a bad idea.
He will likely double anyway.