To fodder or not to fodder S!Laevatein?

Today I was lucky enough to get a Laevatain on the summer banner. The thing is she got terrible IVs and mirror impact seems like a good fodder skill.

Should i fodder her off to my Spring Loki (wich I’m considering merging to +10) or should I just keep her?
Here’s her current build:
Btw I’m open to possible heroes who would appreciate this skill :slight_smile:

I’m of the opinion that Sturdy Impact is better than Mirror Impact on most ranged units because the extra 10 Res doesn’t really help them when dragons hit their lower defensive stat anyway and doesn’t help them at all against DC melee units unless they’re trying to unleash a massive Iceberg/Glacies bomb.

I’d say give Mirror Impact to someone like Deirdre, who can ignore the piercing effect of dragon breaths thanks to her weapon.

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I guess you can do an offensive Iceberg build?

But one could argue that just going dual Brazen Res is arguably the better option, but you don’t have to wait to get into Brazen range for the Res boost. :thinking:

But anyway, you might want to do some test building before foddering her off. The skill is a bit difficult to use all that well.

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Something I was thinking was to use masked marth (here’s the build, I used Lucina since they share the same stats):

But it’s true this can be a niche skill… :confused:

Unfortunatly I don’t have her or Julia so I guess Laevetain will stay in my barracks a little bit longer :sweat_smile: