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So Ive got a dilemma. While summoning on this new whyfoo banner I pulled myself a second b!Camilla. My current b!Camilla is a -atk bane, and this one is a +atk, so I can go from the worst iv to the best - but I can’t decide if it’s worth it.

As you can see, my Camilla runs the most bread and butter, stat independent AOE spread set. Because of this, a +atk wouldn’t really do too terribly much for her. On the other hand, though, a +atk would mean I could probably build her around her prf and do well. Do you guys think her prf is good enough to justify merging her instead of foddering her push4 or wrathful staff?

…Why not just switch and fodder your -atk one?

Wrathful staff is not worth foddering her for by any stretch. Atk/spd push 4 is one of the most sought after A skills in the game imo.


Depends if there is another healer you really want to build I’d say. I don’t find Atk/Spd Push 4 all that useful otherwise :feh_nini:

also @KratosFredi :feh_camillamug:


I never understood the point of merging waifu’s just for the sake of it.

Objectively, you need to ask yourself one question really. Do you use her a lot competitively in non-scoring modes (because frankly, without +10, that’s her niche)? If yes, is she effective at her roles with no merges? On AR defense (if you’re using her there), is she doing her job with just a single merge? If so, consider foddering the extra copy. If she’s missing kills by 1 or 2 points in your defense replays, then go for the merge to give her some help.

I’m going to pick fodder. Unless you’re trying to go for some +10 project (and that’s cool - I’ve seen it work on both offense and defense), I don’t see the point to merging. I have a camilla already at neutral, and if I get another one, you can be damn sure I’m going fodder that precious Atk/Spd Push 4. A lot of healers and desperation users want that.


I consider atk/spd push 4 to be possibly the most valuable fodder skill in the game. Dual phase, 7/7 atk/spd, and with a drawback that is negligible 99% of the time in AR or even helpful for some units.


Yeah, it’s really good. I totally agree. If there an infinite number of copies, I’d give it out to quite a few units… Nino… Legendary Marth… the list is endless. It could make so many of my existing units better.

Camilla merges, pfft. Not in my barracks, lol.


She’s a decent unit. I use her occasionally, and might merge her if I got the chance. But that set doesn’t really care about stats, so maybe not. Atk/spd push is really good as well. And if she’s your whyfoo… I have an obligatory ‘you’ve got terrible interesting taste, but you should merge your favourite units imo

Fodder. Merges are worth for competitive modes (Like AR where 1 damage can give you a win) and modes that require that score (there are better options than her in this case), If you want to use her for daily quest or just enjoy her I doubt you need more than +1 with a good boon to optimize her role. She also has good fodder.

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It’s a difficult dilemma that you have on your hands OP,but I’ll still give my piece:

Unless there is a unit you have that you both really love AND really need the skill for,I would recommend merging for mainly 2 reasons:

  1. you already invested into her with inheritance (that pain + staff costed 20K feathers) and it costed Refining Stones as well, and I know feathers aren’t exactly the toughest ressource to get,but it can still be stingy for other players around.

  2. merging this one onto your new one certifies more firepower even with Pain+,but of course, her PRF will have more punch as well. Nothing is stopping you from using multiple sets,whenever you need one in particular.

My own recommandation would be to merge,but do try to consider your options if need be. If you really want to fodder her A-skill (which is the thing you should do,since it’s rarest skill she has),but if you really like her as well, then, merging is still a good thing,since you’ll have a +Atk one with no bane drawback.

If you have more questions,feel free to ask,I’m pretty much known as the Camilla guy here :feh_camillamug:


Oh she’s not my whyfoo, I was just trying to say she was a whyfoo, yknow?

And thanks everyone for the advice, I didn’t realize y’all valued atk/spd push so much, I think I’ll probably save her for fodder

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I say Merge, She really doesn’t have anything great fodder-wise

Atk/Spd Push 4 is a tier 1 skill…

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Only unit I use Atk/Spd Push on is S!Veronica (along with Mystic Boost), but she only runs 3, as the benefits of 4 do not outweigh the drawbacks (being able to heal 6 points when under 100% is far more important in getting/keeping her above 70%). If A/S Push 4 only dealt 3 damage I’d feel differently but 5 is just too much for my use.

Maybe for your purposes… but… for the rest of the population…

  • any desperation user who does not care about def/res wants it over fury.
  • The vast majority of player-phase red swords want it too.
  • Healers want it.
  • Firesweep users want it
  • Galeforcers without automatic follow-ups want it
  • And seeing as it works on both player- and enemy-phase, it also makes a wonderful mixed-phase skill as well so you don’t completely compromise your enemy-phase viability, which could be very helpful for vantage builds that operate as player-phase initially, and enemy-phase later.

I wasn’t implying A/S Push 4 is a useless skill, but my opinion of it is it’s not great fodder, good for the right build, but not great.

For a large % of all the units in the game, it is actually best-in slot or second best in-slot.

I’d prefer a solo or bond for the pretty much the same effect but without the drawbacks, since controlling your units location is really easy (though admittedly Repel could start to cause issues with this).

once Atk/Spd Push 3 isn’t a 5* exclusive skill 4 might start to be a bit better.

In many of the bullet points above, the drawback doesn’t even matter though, or it’s even preferable. Why does a firesweep or desperation or staff user care about this drawback for example?

Galeforcers often move away from your team too, making bond skills unpractical.

Even units like legendary marth need all the help they can get on enemy phase while having a strong player-phase. All the close call/repel users want it too.

Desperation - Yes

Firesweep and Staves though again a Solo or Bond work just as well depending on the build, and as Null-C becomes more common they become better options IMO, it’s a fine alternative though.

Galeforce would likely prefer Solo (rather than a bond anyway), again A/S Push is certainly a valid alternative if you don’t have the solo to fodder.

In the end for me it’s more of a niche skill than overly useful (I feel the same way about Fury as well), which again is why I just don’t consider it great fodder.

I was never talking about you or what you should do though. I was talking about the general player / rest of the player base. Your arguments are valid for you. Objectively, I think the skill is stronger than your assessment but you do not have to accept that and that’s cool :)