To JP players, how common are append skills in supports?

Particularly 20% starting NP for support Skadi.

I have my eye on Caren in the future and having 20% starting np on both Skadi will be really good for farming. I understand its very new in NA but the fact that I have only seen 1 support character have an unlocked append skill concerns me. Based on how jp progressed, Will append skills for supports become more common in the future?

You’d be better off just picking Skadis with starting gauge CEs. Putting Mana Loading on a Skadi is more or less pointless given her gauge isn’t distributed at all so it’s 120 coins and some annoying mats just to given Caren gauge to steal. While I don’t doubt there are some that will append Skadi, ML on her is niche, only really good for when you’re giving her a spare Kscope and Caren support.

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Worth remembering as well that just cause we have the coins, doesn’t mean we’re free to use them. Many characters have appends locked behind yet-unreleased mats (and even though Skadi doesn’t, she does demand eggs which remain in high demand at least until Castoria is out of the way), everyone is competing for lores (and we may not see the uptick that JP saw after they got coins, since we got ours so early), QP stocks aren’t unlimited and with most Skadis at NP1, her coins aren’t exactly overflowing either. Plus, Summer 4 is a bit of a workhorse of an event, so it’s not like people are ready to invest a huge chunk of time and effort into researching and planning out the best way to make use of coins they didn’t already have plans for.

I’d at least wait out a lotto before thinking too hard about what people have done with their coins so far. I don’t think a lot of people will bother unlocking Skadi’s ML - with the sole exception of Caren comps and anti-IK builds, her NP gauge is basically irrelevant so long as the DPS’ gauge is full - but until we’ve had a chance to actually amass and assess resources no one’s really done anything beyond feed their favourites.


On Skadi some will unlock her mana append, but usually Skadi won’t have anything unlocked outside whales or people with no mat concerns. Castoria append for mana loading will likely be more popular though because Castoria is far more relevant than Skadi in 2022.

I think I’ve seen one person with mana loading unlocked on Skadi on my FL so far though when I borrow Skadi it’s usually just for battery skill and the CE, which is usually teatime.

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No clue. My Skadi is 10% atm and will get 20% one day so she can access her NP more easily. As for Caren, Oberon will solve that issue regardless of mana loading. Likewise at launch your 4th slot is probably Castoria. ML lv1 solves the turn 1 drain and your AoE charger can top up for turn 2




Well, I prefer have support with max Mana Loading, you’re not just 3T farming in this game, although Castoria’s NP helpful for farming big hp enemies if your DPS damage is lacking :fgo_ishtaridgaf:


I’ve been unlocking mana loading on most of my SSR’s just because there isn’t much else better to do with the coins.
might as well use them rather than let them sit there.

Although I haven’t done it on Skadi yet… but her NP does get better in the future so i’m going to just do it now.


Personally I unlocked ML on my supports even if it’s not max lvl yet.

I have had CQs where I thought, damn if only skadi/waver had 10-20% more NP gauge I could survive this turn… So in the long run I could be helpful even if it’s not absolutely necessary.

Castoria though is another matter. You want her to NP quickly and as often as possible so ML on her seems a no brainer for CQs (not right away since she needs fairy dust but as soon as the mats are available I think it’s worth to max her ML).


Yep. The bonus extra attack damage is really niche outside of a few soloers/facecard-critters, since in most farming scenarios, you never even get to see any extra attacks, while the joker third skill is usually too situational to serve any real purpose. For example, Dantes’s extra damage against Avengers. Just when are you even going to take advantage of that?

In the end, Mana Loading is the most widely applicable choice to the point I’d call it a no-brainer, though whether it’s worth investing the resources and a Lore into it is highly questionable for most servants.


I really wish Dantes had any attack advantage other than an extra class, berserkers would be ideal but any other main class would have had a benefit in farming.

I could unlock two appends on Dantes so I went with ML and Extra just because he’s more likely to get a brave chain if he’s NPing every turn (if he doesnt kill out right).
Might come in handy for final wave tanks or CQ’s.

If I’m not mistaken, Append 1 increases all parameters of the Servant’s Extra card, improving NP gain and star gen as well as damage. Not often relevant for pure supports except for true enthusiasts (or those with tons of coins), but still interesting.

Like many others, I did not hesitate to unlock Mana Loading on my supports, but I won’t skill them up right away.

For truly situational or borderline useless Appends, like Berserker anti-crit skills, I am holding off to see if JP anni announces new ways to spend coins as well as more ways to earn them.


This point has been my concern on limiting coin expenditure. It’s going to be both interesting and worrying if they do add to/modify the appends and maybe add new systems~


I see them unlocked at level 1 fairly frequently. Having mana loading simply unlocked still gives you a 10% starting charge, which may not be a game changer but it’s still a nice bonus.

It’s worth unlocking skills even if you don’t have the mats or QP to fully level them because you still benefit.

Like a lot of people, I’ll often use Arash to clear a first wave. Sometimes he’ll leave enemies with just a few hundred HP left and that’s super annoying. Just unlocking his extra damage bonus gave him that little bit of edge to finish the job on turn one.

Unless you mean specifically his Anti-Rider Attack bonus vs. Rider enemy waves, this doesn’t help him.

The Extra Attack Append improves the performance of the Extra Attack face card only.


This sounds like a big oof if Im reading it right.

We should be friends so I can help get you those friendpoints back


Just give Arash some grails and gold fous and he won’t leave you hanging! But also all 3 append skills because he’s got a lovely extra attack animation that everyone should enjoy with an extra punch! :fgo_arashsmile:


“Achievement Unlocked: Saw Arash’s Extra Attack”

“Achievement Unlocked: Heard Arash’s Victory Line”



Now go until you hear all his victory lines! :fgo_jeannyes:

Then keep going until Asclepius earns his first bond grail… And beyond! :fgo_insane:


Bring a charged Chen Gong to make doubly sure you can punch through that guts!

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