To make Itsuki's weapon simple

It’s a 16mt weapon that gives:
Dragonslayer, +3 atk +6 def at all times.
Forget about all the conditions, that’s the baseline


I mean that’s decent. Still not a fan of these new skills. Too situational.


Can totally agree there.
I think the two weapons using them are fine but the A slot skills less so


Yeah, no thanks. I’d rather switch the weapon to something else. I don’t want him to be reliant on Quick Riposte, especially with his good his bulk can be.


If you wanna go speed, that’s one reason to switch it.
But personally I think I’ll go QR. Switching weapons loses out on quite some stats, especially attack


I find his attack stat to be not quite so important unless, of course, I’m wanting him to fight dragons, and when it comes to more speed vs more attack/defense, then I’m gonna choose more speed (although you’re getting more bang for your buck as far as stats if you’re using speed since you’ll be doubled less often, thus taking less damage since his bulk isn’t exactly the best in game.

Well, I think it’s one of his standout stats. Especially with effectiveness.
For me it’s a shame to not make use out of it

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He can be an excellent dragon killer (although I’m not sure why they upped his defense and not his resistance if he’s supposed to be fighting dragons), but if I’m wanting to use him for more than just dragons, then I’d rather him not be so reliant on Quick Riposte, or Brash Assault, especially if I were wanting to utilize something like Spd/Def or Spd/Res Solo, which he won’t really utilize as effectively without switching his weapon out.

Though if you switch weapons you just waste a lot of raw stats. 5 atk at least assuming you’re nog going to go atk refine.

And even with the weapon giving def, he has good res which you can focus on more.

The new mirror stance seal works nice for that

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Eh, I guess, although if using QR and Mirror Stance, you’re not running Guard which is dangerous for units getting doubled. But to each their own.

I mean, if you go premium there’s mirror stance 3. Add in close def seal and you got yourself a unit with 62 atk, 45 def and 44 res at base (for close range at least)



Id say its pretty good. Dragon slayers are my favorite. That alone is good enough for me.

I have my reasons. Most of it festers from the fact that one of my friends is an adamant Nowi user and thinks just cause his nowi can tank my Reinhardt after gettin his res up by 17 using buffs and spurs or some shit that she is a better unit. ■■■■ him.

I’ll slap my plan here too.
Buffs: 4 Spec. He’ll also be boosted by Infantry Rush. (Still deciding on the Rush though)


Summoner Support? That’s surprising. :thinking:

In a way you’re making a nice Robin+Chrom buddy team assuming that’s where the buffs come from


Always loved chrom, and Itsuki is a decent guy. That and a unit like him would greatly benefit from it.


Huh. I always assumed you had it on Julius, although the assumption comes from your profile pic, lol.

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It’s currently on Surtr, and has been for a while. I usually give it to:

  • Who I like a lot
  • Who would benefit from its global boost
  • Some of both
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Situational and awkward

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