To merge or not to merge B!Ike

Hello ! I need some advice on Brave Ike. I have a neutral one, and a -spd +res, and I’m wondering if I should merge them. The neutral one could be useful for some f2p guide, but I don’t check them all that much…
I managed to pull a Nailah, and I have a +2 B!Lucina, so I want to test his OP build and see if I can tackle some of the remaining abyssal maps that I have yet to clear.
Is it worth merging them ? If yes, should I keep neutral IVs or +res IV ?
Thanks for your help :D !


Merge, neutral. :feh_ikestare:


Merge into neutral


It’s definitely worth it I’d say :feh_birbpeek:

You might even get more B!Ikes from the 6 free summons on the 3rd Hero Fest soon :feh_ikestare:

And go neutral like the others already pointed out.


I’d chose +RES IV tbh, IMO it’s his best IV, it’s what I chose for my +10 B!Ike.

+Res results in diminishing returns when you factor in % damage reduction. An extra 3 res will decrease the damage you take by around 1 or 2 per hit. Hardly worth it when you can go for more damage or even speed where all points you put in those stats matter. Even +hp would be better than res, imo


Visible RES helps reduce the damage he takes from AOE, which is his biggest weakness. I’ve thought about this before and my conclusion was that +RES is better. Nowadays +SPD could be worth it with close call/repel.

Ah, didn’t think about AoEs. I typically try to have B!Ike avoid those. Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve fought an Ophelia this week, but I probably would have chucked Larcei at her. Most of my matchups have been pretty tame actually.

Thanks for your advice everyone ! I really appreciate your help :) I’ll go neutral for now, and maybe I’ll get lucky on one of the next free summon so I can grab more copies :D

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That’s why I use HP/Res as a Seal, he gets more visible RES and also HP which is the only defensive stat without diminishing returns for him in regular fights. Ophelia is not a problem at all (my Ike has 49 visible res during light season), but other AOEs can very dangerous, luckily I don’t think I’ve ever seen an IP team with a red unit using AOE.

I think SPD is a legitimate strategy if you’re planning on using close call/repel, I plan on doing it myself, but at +10 with flowers it is possible to get a lot of speed (like 60-70 if you’re really pushing it) without using SPD IV.

One thing I’ve been considering for people who aren’t going to +10 B!Ike (like me, mine is +Atk/+1) is using one B!Ike in each AR season. Right now I use mine in Light season with double Eir and B!Lucina support. I might try to get one more B!Ike and B!Lucina for Astra season, regardless of IVs, because that tank/support combo really is the best for super tanking. So in your case, you could do that with your two current B!Ikes and just pull another B!Lucina (assuming you didn’t merge right after your last post).

My main unit for AR is Felicia. Since it would be impossible for me to build two like her I just change her blessing (Light/Astra) every week. I have 10+ spare blessings of each kind, and 240 blessed units so I can afford it. But for those really using unmerged BIke as their main carry, your strategy could work (provided they are willing to give him the appropriate fodder).

Yeah, the thought occurred to me when RyomaLobster talked about having two +10 B!Ikes, one for each season. I was just thinking about it again with the upcoming hero fest banners. It’s not like my Astra season teams are bad, it’s just that Light season feels like Easy Mode in comparison right now for me.

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That being said, RL has essentially +10 everything so his strategies may not be accessible to most people :sweat_smile:

I have a neutral BIke since he was my choice during the first CYL. I have refined him and given him DC/NCD. However, I don’t deploy him often because without special acceleration his damage is on the low side. This makes me wary in AR. I built him to deal with stuff like LAlm in AA.

Yeah, without B!Lucina support and Aether, he isn’t nearly as good in AR. With the support, he procs Aether every battle on his first counterattack. I probably won’t spend the orbs for an Astra setup unless I get a lucky free pull on one of the two. I’m still low on orbs after the December Legendary banner. :P

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I don’t know about speed still. While doubling is nice, more often you do want the opponent to double you, so you can proc aether with the enemy at full health. Besides, the Close Call users speed creep is now in the 50s, so even a +speed isn’t going to save you from that damage reduction.

I’d rather swap blessings and merge him higher since it’s only one unit swapping blessings weekly.

Merge. The fodder is no big deal. Who cares about guides.


Huh, you can push B!Ike speed to 70 in AR… Stats are so easy to manipulate in the players hands.

With what support are you considering to hit 70?