To Pull Phoebe Banner?

So with today’s new dev letter (HUZZAH for changes! Battle Villa!), they said they’re going to try to rework EX fights so they don’t essentially require A Certain Specific Comp And Strat in order to be doable. I’ve been waiting and saving for a Phoebe banner forever since she’s the only main-meta character I don’t have. But since we’ll (hopefully) be reducing the ridiculous importance of such characters in the near future, I’m starting to question whether it’s worth dumping my gems to get a character who’s Super Frog King Important today, but might just be Really Good in a month or so. Thoughts?

Go for it, Pheobe should remain to be a great support unit.

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Seconding @TheKyogre Phoebe’s one of the best supports in game (I’d argue that she is the best, for attackers at least). Other supports like Hilbert and Rosa are good, but one thing Phoebe can do that they can’t is get a 100% crit rate for everyone. She’s the only sync pair with access to Dire Hit All+. 2 DHA+, means that everyone gets the 100% crit bypassing things like physical or special shields. I doubt she’ll be irrelevant anytime soon, she still can’t even evolve into Dusknoir yet.

But you should also ask yourself if you’re interested in the future banners. Glacia is the one new sync pair that will be released in Nov. And December will probably have 2 more new pairs alongside that legendary that was announced (IOS app store has the image of the pair).

show me pls

I dont use IOS so I cant direct screenshot. But here’s a reddit thread instead!


I got impatient and wound up pulling anyway, and ohhhh man am I glad I pulled. Took me 12 pulls to get Phoebe. In those 12 pulls I got 6 new units (WILL Agatha Thorton Marlon Wikstrom Phoebe), and a couple 3-star promo tickets.



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Got Phoebe in one 10 pull, got my first ticket in this pull also lel

If you mean all sorts of tickets, I am infuriated. I have at least 10 3* tickets right now…

Phoebe is also RIDICULOUS in single player with damage dealers like Xatu, Houndoom, and Pinsir and should remain one of if not the best single player supports for months or maybe even years to come. If you only plan on playing co-op you could take it or leave it but if you want to take advantage of the new single player modes Phoebe is an absolutely incredible investment.

Her buffs and “pass it on” will keep her relevant in coop for a long time I’d think.

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This is old, but to add, she is widely considered to be one of the two best sync pairs in the entire game alongside Olivia. She is extremely good both in single player and co-op. Simply put, if you did not have here, you should have immediately pulled for her.