To spend Rare Prisms or to keep them

Hallo everyone,

As you might have gathered from one of the various roll-threads, I made the tragic mistake of trusting in the god Bacchus rather than listen to the RNG-gods who wanted to impart upon me their message via the slotu machin-simulator in the last few days: If thine desire be to have the vulpine mistress, thou shalt not have as leasurely a time as with other highest echelon champions.
And so it was. After a fruitless 9 tickets many 10-rolls were made, a lorryful of event-CE gained, His Excellency El-Mellol decided he deserved another NP-level and only then, finally, foxy lady arrived.

Along the way, I also got excess copies of Suzu, who comfortably got raised to NP5 early on. I am now sitting atop five rare prisms and am wondering what to do with these, whether to hold on to them or use them to unlock a goodie or two in the RP-shop. Of particular interest to me there would be:

  • the two outfits, Anniversary Blonde for scary synergy with a few takers in my roster (NP2-Ina, Quetza, Generalissima Nobu, yet-to-be-fully-raised Raikou-sama, etc.), Royal Brand for just looking classy and the potential which awaits once Norse Scotswoman arrives (beneficiaries in my team would be swordswoman Souji, NP3-Melt, various lower rarities I got maxed and others still awaiting max-ascension).

While I do not deny their utility, the CE don’t seem all that enticing to me in comparison: I do borrow a fren’s support with MLB Mona Lisa from time to time for door-runs, don’t see the value in getting one of my own as I am not going to go out of my way to sink Mana Prisms into MLB-ing it - I don’t have enough for that right now besides and am still planning to rake in the monthly fou-, ticket- and ember-shipments in the foreseeable future. It’s much the same deal with Personal Training: great benefit in the long term, no doubt, but I am going to have Master Zaynab eventually max-levelled either way, whether it takes a couple months longer in effect or not isn’t of particular concern to me.

So, given all of this, what should I do with the 5 golden boxes? Keep them for now for later use, just go with my gut-feeling and get that fabulous dress for Master, or, in fact, work towards getting Leonarda’s likeness?

PS: Before you ask, yes, I am quite sober. ^_-

i just got the anniversary blonde myself and i can really recommend it ,it works perfectly well with raikou sama or quetz ,but i would still say that mona lisa takes the highest priority here (if you’re in QP hell of course)

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anniversary blonde is honestly one of the best mystic codes imo, and it’s a small shame I have mine maxed out now. since I prefer to focus on my lower leveled ones for the time being

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Mona Lisa is always good. It’s one that you can just throw on your back line when you don’t need them while farming or whatever, and it seriously speeds up QP farming, which you may not need now, bit I can guarantee that you will need to do at some point.

Personal Training isn’t great. Unlike QP, there’s an upper limit to the amount of master EXP you can get, and making that come 10% faster isn’t really worth a RP.

Anniversary Blonde is good for burst damage. It’s probably not challenge quest material like Combat Uniform or Atlas are, but it’s decent for speeding up farming.

Royal Brand is rather mediocre. If you’re just getting it for the aesthetic, then sure, whatever, but gameplay wise I wouldn’t recommend it. Save for Lunchtime if you’ve not got that instead.

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Duly noted about Royal Brand. I gather that the rerun of the event it was released prior to won’t feature it? Either way, by that time Scotswoman Skadi should be readily available among frens. I can see how my roster would run with her in Support - or, should I plan on whale-hunting again maaaaybe she’d end up in my crew - and hold off on it until then.

I also do realize that, long term and meta-wise, ML is a great choice, no doubt - however, you are quite right: as of now, I am not in a tight spot as regards QP, gaining enough from occasional door-busting and via event-ladders. I’ll definitely keep it in mind, though.

And, since I am currently busy leveling Zaynab’s body-suit, I guess I can also hold off on acquiring the buster-memes dress for now. Or should I be aware of an RP-item that is yet to come in the near future and save the golden boxes for that?

The only incoming things of note are the return of Personal Lesson CE and Chaldea lunchtime. Bear in mind MLB Mona Lisa is pretty much a guaranteed Friend Point making machine equipped on a rider support so take that into account when assessing the value of Mona Lisa. Same with MLB Chaldea lunchtime equipped on Waver/Merlin.

Gold Fou cards will eventually available for the very steep price of 3 rp

Yeah, heard about the latter in particular and don’t consider those a priority at all. Events got them covered well enough.

Problem with my horsepeople-roster is that I don’t quite have the absolute farming-champions I commonly borrow myself for doors - chief among them Francis, to a lesser degree Ramses III. I could field my best snek or Alex, of course, but both just do not quite compare to the two I mentioned. Also, I am right now sitting atop a comfortable mound of some 100K+ FP, 5 to max 10 rounds of which are typically only spent during events. So far, I also rolled in some way on event banners directly, hence got my CE-needs covered for their duration that way.

I’ll probably settle for the buster-dress once I got plug-suit raised to the max - which will still be a while off, as it is only at level 3 right now.

it doesn’t really matter if you have drake or not. it just has to be equipped to a rider for easy access. Masters will generally just stick your support in the backline for the 10% bonus qp and not really for damage.

I slap it to my mordrider, so I can 100% confirm this is true

she and lunchtime waver both give me a steady consistent stream of fp

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But the monthly fous…got way too many in my crew I like to hand them out to. D:
Also, embers, tickets (worthless though the latter may be, they do get something in bulk).

Other than that, if I happen to have 5k MP left over and truly nothing else to spend on - my roster saturated and sufficiently fou-ed up - yeah, nothing stopping me then from getting that ML.

trust me, you should be swimming in mana prisms you have no use for eventually

nearly up to 6k myself, and all I could do with them right now is burn a gold for those four remaining personal training copies

I actually accumulate mana prisms faster than I can get rid of them by this point, even not taking lottos into account

but how ? i mean to clear the shop every month you need at least 900 mp right ? and if we don’t count events you’ll generate something like 360 mp (from dailies) so how do you have so much mp ?and that’s without counting the mona lisa personal training …


100% events

I hardly even touch dailies enough to make a dent in as far as mana prism rewards go. generally just looping one quest for as much as I need to or otherise can, occasional master missions stuff aside

though having a ton of fp (400k+ currently) to roll for whatever helps too

i see well i guess lotteries will give us lots of mp.I only have around 30mp right now since ijust finished mona lisa and i will probably try to mlb the personal training but that will take a while

Yeah, I’ve got more MP than I really know what to do with now. I just expanded my second archive to max, because there was nothing else to do. Personally, I don’t generally bother with the Fous, since I don’t think there’s much point Fouing a servant you don’t use, so I spend less per month. Most events give out at least 1000 MP though, plus whatever else you get through burning stuff.

As for calling tickets worthless, I really don’t understand that mentality at all. It’s essentially 15 free SQ each month. That’s very much not worthless. I currently have 109 tickets saved up, because tickets are just as good as SQ. In fact, most data collection suggests that multi-rolls don’t increase the odds of gold servants, and actually decrease the odds of 5* CEs. They only increase the odds of 3* servants and 4* CEs.

oh yeah, lottos were a huge boon too and def helped me get the funds for the last two mona lisa copies I needed after unlocking it much faster

good to know ,since i started playing during santa alter’s event i was barely able to get much from lottos and that’s probably why i will forever be in QP hell xD

By the way, if you’re completing each of the dailies once for the MPs, don’t do that, it’s really inefficient. The best way to do it is to farm the 30 AP hands, and burn all of your silver EXP cards. It averages at about 7 MP for 30 AP.

Yeah, in bulk, tickets did get me that first Dumpling - which did require a batch of 30, of course.

It’s just been a while that that one, lone ticket got me something extraordinary, hence take my calling them “worthless” more as tongue-in-cheek. ;D

ah i see thanks ,well i usually do the 3 since i always lack embers,QP and materials xD but yeah thanks for the tip i’ll try the 30Ap hands sometimes if i’m in desperate need of mp