To Stay Dreaming Sigurd Question

So while I was on my way to +10 Masquerade Lachesis, I managed to pull 2 Masquerade Sigurds.
Now I have a +Atk. & a +Res. copy, & not quite sure what to do with them.
Foddering him doesn’t seem like a good choice, as I don’t need any of the fodder he gives, so I’m lending towards a Merge as I could use him in Arena due to being a Duo.

Now this is where I need other people’s opinions, as both of the Boons I have are Supers so I ain’t too sure which to go with.
Which is why I’m making a Poll for it. :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

  • +Atk.
  • +Res.

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I say res as he has great attack, but as a dancer you don’t always want them to attack stuff so…


No need for res, get his atk to the point where he can oneshot!

I could see a +Res bond build, or paired with someone like Lilith, but for everyday use I still want that OHKO option from a +Atk

Depends on what you’re going to use him for. But overall, +Res seems to be the safer option, make him as much of a magic tank as possible.


Sigurd already tanks 50% per shot on EP so I’d say +atk is way better

I’d personally say +Atk, just because he has significant DR against magic foes already and he can’t really tank much of else. No matter what, if he sees combat he will either drop in a single (likely physical) hit or survive easily, and in the latter’s case he wants to be able to hit back as hard as possible. This is assuming he wants to see combat at some points.

If he’s truly just supporting and won’t ideally see any combat, then +Res is ideal for survivability since his Attack stat won’t matter.

There’s a case for both, it just depends on how you plan on using him.


Alrighty then.
Thanks guys, I’ll merge onto the +Atk. Copy. :pray:t2: