Today I used Scizor in Rockets, and doesn't look as good as it's said

I was waiting for this. Spending dust in a Scizor just for it looks to me more like a waste than other thing, so I had to wait for a high CP Scyther to spawn. Today it was rainy and was the day: a fresh caught 2400 CP Scyther was evolved with no investment in a 2700 Scizor and double Bug moveset, perfect for testing it out. Picked the first admin I saw and moved on. Unfortunately it was Arlo with Ember Bagon which made my first impression poor as I just ended leading with a Salamence (horrible for normal PvP but against this guys basically anything serves me). The case is the damage of Bug moves is just not good and its bulk is unimpressive, as I used it against his Blastoise in a neutral matchup. Yes, generates energy super fast, and so does my Blaze Kick/Blast Burn same level Blaziken. I’m not sure if I am missing something but it looks to my eyes a worse Blaziken, why is it looked so good sometimes? Maybe I am just not using it well. And I tested it after it in a non-fire set pokemon but the results were mmmeeeehhh.

What are your general thoughts about using Scizor?

I use it as a generalist vs fast moves that it resists. Fury cutter & x scissor charges fast, gets rid of shields and takes advantage of the delay in attack. That being said, it’s not of much use vs arlo, but vs sierra it’s a different story.


Cliff as well.

It’s a strong lead for Sierra and Cliff, because he can guarantee to burn down the two shields. Against the first Pokemon, the main priority should essentially (from my experience) ALWAYS just be to burn BOTH of the shields. I personally use Swampert for it.


I use Latios, Breath Claw Dragonite, Lucario, Scizor, Metagross, Jirachi or Machamp for the job.

Psychic Weakness does not matter since I lull them into freezing by placing a bait lead then switching it off.

This is a demonstration of how I do it.

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I find that for a shield breaker to really shine, one still needs to factor into their SE damages and resistances to TR admin pokemon’s fast moves. Against Arlo’s current line-up, Scizor is indeed not the most optimised choice. But against Sierra’s current team, it’s much better adapted. I use a lvl 30 Furry Cutter + X-Scissor/Night Slash Scizor for current Sierra rotation. With double Bug moves it steamrolls her Bug-weak pokemon, and if I get lucky on the NS attack buff when burning shields, I can almost get through Lapras with just this Scizor.

That being said, if you already have a shield breaker that works well against Sierra, I agree that Scizor is not a must-have. It has good defensive typing and breaks shields consistently, but lacks a more powerful offensive coverage move once shields are down, thus making it a bit less versatile than Lucario or Swampert for example.


I would say that the diference is the long list of resists of scizor compared to barelly any other what makes it a really good shield burner. Still for a shield burner that actually can do damage i would go to either Sceptile FC/LB, Mamoswine PS/AV and probably the best Swampert MS/MW-HC. Blaziken trades energy for damage with counter in a really good way, mainly because counter is the best fast move with a really good coverage but at least for me puts it in a middle point between shield burners and heavy damagers problem with damage in blaziken is the mixed attack typing with fight/fire as counter is not just an energy generator but big part on the damage output making him a bit middle point, i would prefer a Counter/DP for fight damage once shields are down but i guess that for example against Standler starter of Cliff Blaziken can do an outstanding job killing it and leaving it withouth shields.

This is all withouth taking into account mewtwos with PC/SB, giratinas with SC/OW-SB and the like

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For fighting shield burn and damage aswell I recommend Lucario with Counter/Power-Up Punch. It does have to be mandatory lvl 40 for it to be able to survive the first mon and a do either sever damage to the second one or just straight up solo the entire team. My Lucario does solo Absol/Cacturne/Houndoom line-up and Absol(here Absol must have Snarl otherwise Lucarion only severly damages Lapras)/Lapras/Houndoom

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This is not a realistic option for me, I need a poor man alternative :cry: that’s why Blaziken…

Because I figure Medicham has just too low stats to be viable right?

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Well there is another good option that under certain circumstances can also be very useful in the Ultra league and also be an excellent shield killer though it requires a lucky mon as it does require to be almost lvl 40 for it to be close to 2500 and that is Poliwrath. it can use Power-up punch even faster than Lucario with Mud Shot and given a second move, it can also have some really good coverage options like Ice Punch. Also you are right, Medicham stats are insufficient for it to be a shield killer on admin rocket battles


I can afford that! And also, will Poliwrath do better due to energy generation? Is Bkaziken strictly worse due to Blaze Kick? What do you recommend? I’m trying to use several styles to play instead of sweeping with a single Darkrai literally everything I fight. Not because it’s bad, but I want new experiences of game.

And… what about an old fashioned Machamp?

Has Counter and with cross chop it has acces to a 35 energy crappy move for shield burning like blaze kick (40 energy), has acces to Dynamic Punch, better stats than blaziken with only one type of attack…

Poliwrath is good, as said has acces of ice punch and dynamic punch both good moves and a better energy generator but it lacks a bit of attack stats, if you feel scizor slow you may get the same.

Poliwrath has Power-Up Punch though which helps it rack up a little more attack. You can go in with Mud Shot, Power-Up Punch, and Hydro Pump and probably clean up pretty nice and clean.

Just was making an edit about it, yeah didnt really though about it, still i wont go hydro pump against rockets, but, powerup+dynamic punch may be actualy a really good combo paired with mud shot. Starting with him getting 2 power ups on first two shields and then hitting good dynamic punches after. Didnt try it but im sure it fits on the shields burners that can actually do damage after

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I used a Mud Shot + PuP/Dynamic Punch Poliwrath against Sierra in the previous rotation, which worked pretty well. It resists all fast moves of Sneasel and Lapras, break shields very quickly and hits them with SE charge moves. I swapped it to Scizor lately as Scizor is more efficient against Sierra’s current team, but against Lapras Grunt it still works great.

If you want to use Poliwrath for current TR leaders, I think it should do mostly well against Arlo and Sierra. It resists all fast moves of Bagon, Blastoise and Lapras, as well as Snarl Absol, and it hits SE or neutral damages with Mud Shot + PuP/Dynamic Punch, except for Charizard and Kadabra which can be easily covered by its teammates.

Blaziken is indeed a speedy shield breaker too. I initially used it (Counter + BK/BB) against previous Sierra team, until I found out that Poliwrath offers a much more consistent performance against Water Gun Lapras. I think what holds Blaziken back in TR battles is mostly its moderate bulk. Its typing is offensive-oriented which doesn’t help much to compensate. It’s kind of like the opposite of Scizor’s typing and moves.

As mentioned above, Machamp with Counter + Cross Chop is a great shield breaker too. For its second charged move, you can either choose Rock Slide for coverage, Close Combat for a nuke option, or Dynamic Punch for a duo-use of TR battles and raids/gym. Even Rock Slide as a shield-breaking move and combined with Close Combat or Dynamic Punch can also work, just a bit less speedy than Cross Chop.

Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw/Outrage or Draco Meteor Dragonite is another versatile pokemon for TR battles, capable of break shields and have good damage output.

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You literally couldn’t have found a better moment to post this.

EDIT: Apparemtly yes because doing some research it needs less attack to have optimal IVs.

EDIT 2: Again, I discovered it can be a really good Politoed. Not useful for other purpose but will add it to my Ultra arsenal.

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If it’s for Ultra League (which is the only place its under the CP cap), I wouldn’t worry about it too much since Poliwrath needs to be close to maxed (so the high IVs would help).

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The Goat!

I REALLY like using Registeel and Scrafty for that, with both instances for Sierra.

And yes, you read both Pokemon right. It’s just that strong vs Sierra and sometimes Cliff, I’ve even tested it and as long as you DO NOT run into Fire Fang Houndoom both of these will eat Sierra’s whole team.