Today is a good day!

Indeed it is!

(Her weapon is an Unbound Blade and her special is Moonbow… for now)

Another project done! Mia is my fourth +10 5 star exclusive.
She’s one of those characters I didn’t knew she exists before I started playing FEH. I remember I found her cute (… why do I have the impression that I always write this at some point), so I got curious and wanted to know more about her through the wiki. I really liked her cheerful, nice, and yet quircky personnality. Her supports were quite fun too. She quickly became one of my favorite characters.

I got really lucky, as I got 3~4 free merges through 4 star specials (don’t the remember the exact count). It definitely helped. She may not be the most impressive sword infantry, especially considering all competition she has in her category. In fact, even my Yen’Fay is probably better than her. But that’s fine, I still use her for fun PvE content and she is still pretty strong. All she needs now is Vital Astra, Spd Smoke 4 and a Resplendent.