Today's Community Haul

So… Today was the Trapinch Community Day, and here’s what I got:

The Trapinch

I started a little later, because I had no idea that today was a community day in Pokemon GO. I only found out, because I was on Facebook and a group I was following, made a post about it, asking everyone, “How many Shinies did you find, today?” And I checked Pokemon GO and there was a community day, today. So, I walked from my apartment, to my college and caught a bunch of Trapinch. The clear winner to make into a Flygon was this guy, who was at around 1,000-ish CP and has passable IVs:

I only found 3 shiny Trapinch, with the best one being at about 750 CP

But… That’s not all I found.

Team Rocket Raids

I took my chances, and challenged Team Rocket…
And won both fights. In the end, I got a Cubone and a Hitmonchan! The Cubone has MAX attack IVs

In the end, I had no reason to be worried, even though my best Pokemon, which is a Metagross, is at a gym right now… I do think it’s stupid that you have to use Premier Balls, to catch the Shadow Pokemon, because it’s similar to the Gym Raids, but it’s just a minor inconvenience.

Other Finds

I found this, while going to a nearby Mystic Gym:

This was also at my college:

And by the park… Those IVs almost made me choke:

So… It was a rather good community day! I forgot how refreshing a good walk can be :3

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I found 2 shiny Trapinch. I farmed enough candy to evolve my 2 highest CP Flygon to patch up my ground team. Unfortunately it was raining all day so no weather boosted Trapinch. Oh, and I found a random shiny Krabby.

Overall it was a good day. :slight_smile:

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No shinys! But evolved two, well… just because it’s a cd. In other non cd news I (insert whatever the proper word is) did alright dust wise. Still didn’t manage to solo Machamp tho


I found 2 shinies and total like 60 Trapinch in that WHOLE CD. Spawns were taken mostly by weather boosted trash like BIdoof, Ratata, Zigzagoon, Patrat, Lilipup, Skitty etc.

But i read on Reddit, that lots players had similar issue.

The cloudy issue?

Where I got my haul, it was cloudy, during the event…

Had a lot of that too. What’s wrong with this picture? Hint - it was taken during the middle of the Trapinch CD, as evidenced by the time stamp.

I admit that I had just caught a couple of Trapinch, but this was taken in the center of an area with a high density Pokestops, all of which were lured up. Just not enough Trapinch for a CD.

To tell you the true this was the least interested CD for me, so if Niantic was experimenting, this was the perfect time, because if they mess like this during a Gible or Deino CD(assuming they got relevant PVE moves) heads will roll.

I would LOVE a Gible Day. Just… Pray that it’s sunny that day…

I had a 15/14/15 Vibrava on deck waiting, and it was a good thing too because despite being in the middle of downtown, I caught maybe 30 Trapinch the whole duration.


Reading some post from Reddit I found that there were pokestops quest that give Trapinch encounters as rewards…so that may explain the lack of Trapinch spawns.
As many know Niantic, and many players that support their ideology, have this “spirit of the game” in which you should walk the more you can, they don’t like you to be clustered in a park or mall doing your CD, they want you to walk a lot, so they make an experiment with a not so popular CD pkm(at least not for is usefulness) reducing the spawn but balancing it with quest the reward Trapinch with the 10/10/10 IV floor.
Of course this is just theory, a game theory.

Thanks for watching!

Your new Psystrike Mewtwos will be godly in the Machamp solo.

Ma-who? I’m thinking about Conkuldurr raids. That’s Psystrike Mewtwo’s reason for being, AFAICT.

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Or windy, …

Seriously, I think that’s coming, but not for a while. Next is the rocket bosses (Cliff, Arlo, Sierra), and I expect that some of the more powerful shadow species in the game (Lapras, Moltres, Zapdos, Machamp, maybe Gible, etc.) will be used in team GO Rocket battles with them. (Legendaries are probably not obtainable, though. I shudder to think of what the CP of a shadow Zapdos would be.)

Finished with 2 seconds left, so could do with a slightly better support cast.

We have Chimchar in November, the almost guaranteed “year in review” community weekend in December, and Pilup in January. It’s entirely possible that we could see a Gible community day as early as February. Fingers crossed!

This is true, but not all of those quests gave a Trapinch encounter as the reward. Some gave great/ultra balls, 500 stardust (my favorite one), gold razz berries, and there may have been one that rewarded pinaps. So only about 1/5 tasks would give you a Trapinch encounter as the reward. Combined with the lower-than-usual community day spawn rates and Trapinch not being a guaranteed hatch from 2k eggs obtained during the event (which Niantic claimed we would get), I have to wonder if they just pressed all the wrong buttons for this event. :wink:

From what the dataminers have discovered, there are some very strong hints that we’ll be encountering a shadow legendary when we battle Giovanni, so there’s that at least!

I did two Trapinch raids but both were after the cd had finished. Didn’t get better stats than the ones I’d caught earlier on.
Didn’t see one Trapinch raid during the event.

Based on its main series learnset, what would be a good candidate for a strong, exclusive Ground move? I have yet to even catch or hatch a Gible, so…

My two 98% Rhyhorns are still waiting for their time in the sun.

Let me guess: its best counters would include Giratina, Tyranitar, Weavile, Rampardos, Raikou and Mamoswine.

The worse for me were Slakoth, Chikorita and Mareep. Flygon can make at least cheap Ground team and looks cool.

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