Today's haul (December 11, 2019)

A bunch of eggs hatched, today. I bought more pokecoins and I bought one of the Boxes that had a bunch of incubators and super incubators and a bunch of eggs hatched at once (5 eggs hatched, one by one).

And the mystery Pokemon was…

First Hoenn legendary, in this game! Also, that shiny Eevee I caught… It’s now an Umbreon! (It’s a Shane that my favorite Pokemon doesn’t have that high CP, in this game…)

I’m excited about this weekend, because of the massive community day! Out of all of the community days this year, my favorite one that I participated in was the Meteor Mash Beldum one. I hope to get more Metagross, a Swampert and possibly a Slaking.

Why did you evolve that shiny Eevee immediately, when it will be able to learn Last Resort this weekend?


I’m not gonna use it, in battle

As far as I remember Metagross (Beldum/Metang) didn’t have a CD this year… I think it was october 2018 when Metagross got his day. So you won’t be seeing lots of Beldums in the wild you will however be able to evolve it and get the CD move from last year.

You’re right, I’m sorry!!

I forgot! (So, I guess my favorite this year was either Turtwig or Chimchar)

No problem I just wanted to warn you that there won’t be all that many Beldum spawns this weekend :wink: