Today's Haul (January 19, 2020)

Hoo boy… Get some popcorn. This was rather interesting. So, I left my apartment at about 10:30 am and I didn’t get back until 4:30 pm. Here’s what Happened:

Dirty Secret

I was gonna head up to Seattle with my friend, but he wants to go up there tomorrow. Since tomorrow is not only not a community day, but also an American Holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Day), I decided to not only head up to the college that I go to, since it’s about a mile away, but… I did something I had never done before: Ride the bus to Downtown Auburn, BY. MYSELF. I didn’t tell my mom I’d be doing this, since she’s very protective of me. So, I did a very ballsy move of going to Downtown Auburn by myself. This actually turned out to be a good idea.

Shiny Pokemon

Not only did I find these three, but I was able to do more of the Jumpstart Research, and I found a Shiny Eevee! It’s now a Jolteon:

Also, while waiting for the bus… (I’m sorry, I got a huge Chuggaaconroy vibe from this, since he found a Shiny Koffing, in his playthrough of Pokemon Crystal):

Other nice finds

By the Park:

First Unova Stone used:


And, I found a Bidoof that had unusually high CP. After catching it, I got excited:

DITTO!! I’ve never been so happy to finally catch this piece of purple Silly Putty! Also, by a different Park, I joined a group of 7 people for this:

I traded

I tried going up against another Heatran Raid, and there was a small family that was there, but time ran short. I decided to trade one of the kids a Gyarados, since she wanted one (she gave me a Purified Larvitar :3)

Some Salt

I helped defeat the Heatran and I got some rewards, but… A GODDAMN Fast TM. FAST. TM. Come on!!! Also, there were a bunch of Rocket stops, but not a single one was a Rock user! I’ve fought against the ground ones, but I hate how it’s always Sandshrew that you’ll catch. Sandshrew is okay, but it’s not that used in fighting. Why can’t it’d have been the shadow Pupitar!?

Something cool and funny

In Downtown Auburn, there’s this nice little comic/game shop that I checked out and they had a used copy of Pokemon Yellow for the Gameboy Color and it came with an original guide book on how to catch all 150 Pokemon! I couldn’t afford it, since it was 50 dollars, but it was nice to see :3

Also, at a nearby gym:

OM NOM NOM!! Swalot need berries!! OM NOM NOM!!

Happy Girl

After walking her a bunch, she now has 15 candies, and look at how happy she is!

Also, it says that she needs to walk 2.5 KM, to find candies. Is this for only one day, or is it something that’ll happen from now on, because if it’s something where if I can now walk less to find Larvitar Candies, then hell yeah!

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Oh man I’ve been looking for a shiny Koffing forever, congrats :sunglasses:

It’s halved for as long as your buddy remains excited. I’ve not managed to get a buddy excited without a poffin so I can’t tell how long that actually lasts for (it’s 6hrs with a poffin)

Sounds like you had a good day overall, though! It may not be the one your after, but a Fast TM is still useful, particularly if you go for Bite/Crunch on your girl there :slight_smile:

She already has Bite, so… It’s only a matter of time before either I can get 45 candies and give her a 2nd charged Attack, or if I find a Charged TM.

Ohh, okay. Well, it’s still good to have TMs spare in case you need them for the next mon you choose to focus on

Well poop. I wished I had gotten the memo sooner… Now I’ll need another new friend, even though I befriended three people today. (I’m friends with users on here, but I’m not sure who else is left.

Try the trainer code thread and add some people from there. Someone’s bound to accept

Good idea :3

Good to see the day was a blast :slight_smile: