So we have another electric rodent added to the game! This one is a steely porcupine which still manages to be pretty cute.

Due to its typing it’s going to draw immediate comparisons to the Magnemite family. Togedemaru’s max CP isn’t high enough to be viable in PvE. It just barely misses the 2500 CP cap, so it could see some play in PvP though. It has a lot of resistances—but keep it away from Ground-types.

Compared to Magneton, Togedemaru has a higher STA stat which will make it slightly bulkier in PVP, but it’s still pretty glassy. Its moveset is very different than Magneton’s, though, and it’s pretty daring.

We could run Thunder Shock + Fell Stinger + Wild Charge. This is a bait/nuke set where the nuke has a DEF self-debuff, while the bait self-buffs ATK, and both moves are cheap (which is good considering Togedemaru’s stats). Your opponent is forced to choose between potentially wasting a shield, and potentially getting wasted by Wild Charge. Talk about a hard decision. This Pokémon is the bomb—literally. Switching out after using one or two Wild Charges may also be a good strategy, then Togedemaru could come back for round two.

Togedemaru seems like one of those spicy Pokémon that is high risk, but also potentially high reward if you get lucky. Great League will probably be its best format due to the presence of Azumarill, Skarmory (which it walls hard), etc. Ultra League is less promising, not only because of the XL Candy cost but also because of the meta.

Bit risky with all the mudbois/gunfisk. That said, probably had some fun play, esp. in limited cups. Might suggest running Spark for better chip damage from Fell Stinger buffs.

The Wild Charge gamble…I’m still gonna run my Magnetons. Same reason Magnezones get benched….I can still bait out shields with Discharge or Magnet Bomb spam……Haven’t fully looked into the new cute thing’s set yet, though.

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Very poethic, but sadly togedemaru is garbage in go. Magnezone is just way better, and you don’t see many (or any) magnezones in great league to begin with

I thought so, but it depends. It’s a lot more gambling with togedamuru, but it pays off if the fell stinger is shielded. The number of situations might be low, but a fell-stingered togedamuru can one shot more mons than a magnezone. I guess I won’t use one, but I also don’t use magnezone (or any WC user in GL if I play competetively).

@captpepperjack I think thunder shock is still better, it depends on the breakpoints of course, but there are many (bulkier) matchups in which spark does the same amount of damage as TS after one fell stinger, e.g. vs Umbreon. All in all you’ll do maybe 5 damage more with spark, but you’ll mostly get off an additional wild charge with TS.