Togekiss Hidden Power Ice

Hey all I was wondering I have togekiss with hidden power ice and dazzling gleam/ancient power charge moves. How good is that? Also is there a better move set I should try for that’s superior? Thanks Hi!

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It will function as a very tanky counter to Dragon raid bosses with Dragon moves; high TDO, but very mediocre DPS, especially vs Palkia (who takes neutral from ice) and Dialga (who takes neutral from everything it does).

In PvP, I’ve found Togekiss to be a bit of a let down. Hidden Power is middle of the road for both damage/energy, and Dazzling Gleam has a high energy cost for the damage it does. If you can switch it in after your opponent swaps to a Dragon and triggered the switch cool down, it’s usually game over for them, but outside of that scenario, it’s fairly lackluster.

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It’s a unique Giratina Origin counter (and most other dragon types) with double dragon moves. It’s not the best counter but it’s not the worst counter. I have an Ice HP/Dazzling Gleam Togetic that I’m hesitant to evolve because I wont want it to lose the Ice HP.

The thing about Hidden Power in PVP is it’s so damn SLOW. Confusion charges faster than HP!