Togekiss questions

Hello All!

With the addition of Charm to the dairy fast move pool would it be an upgrade to TM to charm instead of Hidden Power Ice? I have switched gardevoir(sp?) and actually have been surprised by the upgrade. is charm any good for my togekiss specifically or an upgrade? lets go one further, whats everyones opinions on the new moves? I think its great. look foreward to reading the replies thanks!

i am quite interested in Charm/DG Togekiss’ PvE viability as well, being that i have 4x 93+ IV unevoed togepis sitting in my box, and it would be nice to have a tank to round out my frail anti-fighting team

In your case, it’s not a simple answer. I’m basing this on it being an anti-dragon mon.

Hidden Power Ice will be more effective against Dragons double-weak to Ice, and has better energy generation for its charged moves. Charm will be much better if there’s only single-weakness to exploit.

Personally though, I’d go with Charm. Looks like it’ll succeed against more things overall.


And if your target is 4x weak to Ice, might as well use an Ice attacker anyway. (Mamoswine ftw!)

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Its a much greater improvement, that and you can do more than just dragon counter with charm

Dialga also adds bulk, but with togekiss our not sure is powering one would be a good idea.

HP ice might be more effective against dragons. But even then you will always get HP ice with this Togekiss so you can switch freely. (mine has got HP bug so the answer is easier)

I’m gonna TM my HP Flying to Charm. I’m wondering if I should change out Aerial Ace too. Right now it’s HP/AA/Gleam, and I can fire off consecutive shots of both charge moves against Machamp over and over. Flamethrower would provide some coverage against Ice and Steel, Ancient Power would be…slow, and I don’t really know what I’d be going in offensively for with it. But Aerial Ace just isn’t a very good move.

I switched it to charm and am happy so far. Hp seems slow to me but so does charm so don’t matter anyway

HP is slower than a snail in glue. Which I hate because I have some killer HP users…a triple-move Porygon-Z with HP Rock, a Luxray with HP Ghost…

HP is actually slightly faster than charm. But its not my much.

They are both horribly slow but charm Is better

In which case, actual Ice types will blow Togekiss out of the water.

Charm > HP Ice by an incredibly large margin.