It’s it me or that out of all the Pokemon Nintendo likes to make Crazy Strong, Pokemon Go included, Togekiss is almost always one of them? Especially after it got the Fairy type, Pokemon GO. included. And yes, I’m pretty sure Togekiss is one of those fan favorite Pokemon.

In SWSH Togekiss is top tier and I’m pretty sure about it, and in Pokemon Go, it’s not that ridiculous until it gets Charm. (I now have 2 separate units for PvE and PvP.) And then all hell breaks lose. Not sure about XY and Sun/Moon however, but as far as SWSH and GO goes it’s ridiculous.

It’s a pretty great design too tbh which I’m sure helps it out in terms of its popularity.

Togekiss is only bonkers because Niantic made Charm nuts. They could’ve added Fairy Wind instead which would have been an average fast move that still made Fairy type attackers viable. Now imaging if Togekiss could Mega evolve.

Togekiss is not broken. Without it, the Ultra and Master Leagues would be even more dominated by certain legendaries. Furthermore, it lacks a Mega.


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Togekiss is stupid op in PVP because of Charm and only Charm, but that’s fine by me because Togekiss is easily one of my top 10 favorite Pokemon.

Togekiss strong=get a Melmetal. In the hundreds of dollars for some to get a Melmetal. IMO resentment arose from people w/o Melmetal…however, if you wanted one bad enough you already got it. Now elite TM boxes to get rid of Melmetal…it’s: The Sneetches

I just had a match where Togekiss is getting 2 AP boost back to back.

My steelix’s EQ on it is dealing less than 10% of damage on it, LOL…

Why are you using Earthquake on Togekiss, which doubly resists it? If your only option is Crunch, that is only singly resisted.


Even better Registeel. If you can’t afford both: Scizor with steel moves. Or Empoleon. Or Magnezone. I mean, five more or less superhard counters! This cannot be really crazy strong…

I got one against a Leader (Spark) some time ago…

Since my Steelix is going down before I can charge up another charged move (also I know the match is pretty much a goner already when opponent scored double AP boost while still having 50%+ health)?

Also, EQ still does marginally higher damage on Togekiss than a Crunch would?
EQ - 120x1.2(STAB)x0.6x0.6=51.84
Crunch - 70x0.6=42

But EQ takes much longer to charge. So you would need to anticipate if you might fire off two Crunches or just on EQ in the time you have left.
Crunch btw deals about 23 damage, EQ 30 (because of low Attack stat of Steelix compared to high def value of TK)

Last but not least I guess no one will fire off a AP against Steelix, this doesn’t deal any damage. They go for flamethrower if they have that (most Togekiss do at least at higher levels) and that will hurt Steelix if unshielded!

i few Times met Aerial Ace/AP Togekiss and it was usually Time Out vs my Steelix.

25 matches today and I had 5 timeouts, I’m not 100% sure of the timeout rules but some people leave 2-3 hp pokemon not just for the quasi-switch shield but to increase their timeout odds. I started using BB Typhlosion in some matches, not specifically for fairy, but Registeel/grass/Escavalier (w/ a shield) and decent neutral vs Armored Mewtwo. Swampert though.

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I don’t use a direct Water counter anymore, I pretty much just bully Swampert (and Empoleon though to a lesser extent because I have a good chance even with my Infernape if locked). Charm can wear down Swampy, fighting charged moves can KO from half health. It’s a nuisance, but no longer the ‘mon I’m thinking of when I prep a team (that would be Charizard, who, ironically is countered by Swampert).

I love togekiss, especially in SHSW VGC as my flag ship pokemon, but thisjust makes me laugh to see.

If they wanted to break togekiss, they really could have tried harder.

Thats mostly because its both naturally bulky, a flying type since max airstream is bonkers plus weakness policy wile dynamaxes (something almost every bulky dynamax actually uses), and either its ability’s, Serene grace for 60% flinches, or superluck for around 50% crits every turn with scope lense.

Yeah, sorry to disappoint and deflate the whole ‘Fanservice 2stonk, plz stop’ balloon, but it wasnt good in either setting.

Togekiss is only good in GO because its the best charm user in masters, its got a bulky statspread and it preys on the dragons in masters who otherwise are hard to beat. Its good not because fanservice or favoritism, (see pandcario, I mean Lucario, for that kind of shenanigans), but because its got a good statspread,type combination and high profile targets in GO, and in SHSW, its good as bulky support, anf bulky offense, its a pokemon that can be teched to whatever team you really need to fill in regards to a special attacker with dynamax and weakness policy to be a hard hitting pokemon thats hard to actually kill, or have it use super luck and scope lense so snarl spam or screens are irrelevant, or its usage defender and team support, with clerical capabilities and redirection

Why are you using EQ on a Togekiss and why isn’t a Togekiss using Flamethrower on a Steelix?

It’s OK. I’m fine around the Pokemon, but I just noticed that they are pushing this out really well.

It’s Decent in Raids as well, as far as I know.

Its decent in raids for the same reason, its bulky and has a decent attacking stat.

How do you know? It’s probably killed in seconds.

Also, my advice is do not use Steelix. It’s sole use is to kill giratina with DC/AP hard or sometimes, Probopass or Bastiodon in GL. However, it has no steel moves, and all of its best moves cause it to be death walled, in addition to hitting like a sponge. Yes, for some reason Registeel or Umbreon hits a lot harder than Steelix, including non-stab such as Last Resort (50% of Venusaur’s HP in GL) and Registeel’s Focus Blast (60% HP of Swampert)

Steelix’s Crunch does not hit hard enough to even 2HKO A Giratina, it just outlasts it.