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Anyways, welcome to:

The Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku Hype and Roll Thread!

This is both a Hype and a Roll thread.

It is a hype thread in that it is a place post our hype for the upcoming event! Literally anything that excites us about the event is welcome here! Did you get that CE drop you needed? Maybe there is a node that drops a mat you require to finish off your favorite character? Tell us all about it here!

Similarly, seeing as there is a lot of overlap, this is also a roll thread! A place to post screen shots and videos of your summoning rolls from the event banners! A place to cheer each other on with our successes and comfort each other if and when we fall short!

Do you have your own thread related to the event? Servant Analysis? Challenge Quest info? Your own Ooku roll thread? Let me know and I will added to the links in this thread!

No matter why you are here I hope we can find something fun to share about this event!

Also, while I have the requested the right to make the official part 1 Roll thread for this event, I want to officially say I am sharing that right with the entire forum! So anyone else who wants to make such a thread can!

Much Like Beast III this event comes in two parts!

The first banner features Beast III/L and it will be followed 7 days later by a part 2 banner featuring Beast III/R!!!

Revival EDIT:

For the revival there is only one part and the rate up schedule is shown here:

Ooku Part 1 Banner: Lapse-The Left Side of Beast III

The part 1 banner of this event should run from March 22nd to May 4th and will feature Parvati and Kama.


Parvati is a four star AoE Quick Lancer well known for her strong support abilities and incredible Skadi compatibility. It could even be argued that she is the most Skadi friendly servant in the game. But even without Skadi her kit contains such an amazing assortment of Utility and attack abilities that she can be considered one of the best four star Lancers on her own merits.

Parvati Demonstration
Parvati G&A Review
Parvati Rabbit Review
Parvati Gamepress Page

She is also the Pseudoservant version of Sakura Matou from the Original Fate Series.


Kama is the brand new limited 5 star Single Target Quick Assassin! She is a hard hitting Skadi compatible quick looper who possesses a skill allowing her to completely invert her class weakness to Alterego servants so that they only do half damage to her while she does double damage to them. She has a powerful 50% battery and a guts skill with an UNLIMITED duration. She is unique as not only does she age as you ascend her from a young girl, to a teenager, to a fully grown goddess but Kama also gains a new NP name and animation after her 3rd ascension.

Full Servant Demonstration
Kama G&A Review
Kama Rabbit Review
Gamepress Page

Kama is also the pseudo-servant version of Dark Sakura from the Fate Heaven’s Feel Route of the Fate Stay Night Visual Novel and Movies!

Rate-up schedule for banner 1

Ooku Part 2 Banner: Rapture-The Right Side of Beast III

The second Banner should run from April 3rd to April 17th and will feature Kiara. She and the Caster of the Nightless City will be on a rotating Schedule with Yagyuu Munenori who will be up the entire time.

Yagyuu Munenori

Munenori is a 4 star single target arts crit Saber possessing several attack and crit buffs as well as formible attack down potential. He is also cool old timey Veteran Samurai whose slices and dices his way through any lancer.

Yagyuu Munenori Demonstration
Yagyuu Munenori G&A Review
Yagyuu Munenori Rabbit Review
Yagyuu Munenori Gamepress Page

The Caster of the Nightless City (Spoiler: True Name is used)

Scheherazade, AKA Caster of the Nightless City, is a five star AoE arts DPS Caster well known for her Anti-King niche and NP refund. She is unique in being a durable DPS caster who can give the entire group a guts buff.

Scheherazade Demonstration
Scheherazade G&A Review
Scheherazade Rabbit Review
Scheherazade Gamepress Page

Sesshouin Kiara

Kiara is limited five star AoE Arts Alter Ego Servant. She is well known not just as a lewd nun but also a strong AoE Challenge Quest servant who bring large amounts of Utility, a 50% battery, and a class advantage against 4 different classes.

Kiara Demonstration
Kiara G&A Review
Kiara Rabbit Review
Kiara Gamepress Page

Rate-up schedule for banner 2

And of Course Mata Hari is always on Rateup in the Friend Point Banner!

Event Craft Essences AND Command Cards!

Gacha Event Craft Essences available for Summoning

The Princesses’ Pilgrimage
Five Star split stat CE that increases quick attacks and crit damage by 10-15% and gives 40-50% np charage
Flower Ornate Haipin Increases Flower Ornate Hairpin drops by +1/2

Resplendent Spring
Four Star split stat CE that increases NP generation and crit damage by 15-20%
Moon Luster Rouge Increases Moon Luster Rouge by +1/2

Hikeshi Spirits
Three Star Attak stat CE that increases buster attacks 3-5% and np generation by 5-10%
Snow Face Powder Increases Snow Face Powder by +1/2

Shop CE available during the Event

Crowning Beauty
Increase art and quick card effectiveness by 8%/10% and Gain 15/20 stars
During the Event it increase the equipped servants damage by 100/200%

Command Cards!

Nun with a Gentle face and Merciful Eye
Applies a 20% special attack against lawful enemies and a 20% special attack against Rules to the engraved Command Card.

Best in Slot Command Card for Kiara

Spear of Wisdom, Action, and Love
Gain 2 Critical Stars and applies a 20% special attack against Charmed Enemies to the engraved Command Card

Best in Slot Command Card: For Kama, Parvati, Stheno, and Eurayle

Command Seal of the Dim Dark Delusion
Inflicts poins (600 damaga each turn for 3 turns) status to the enemy and inflicts 100 hp damage demerit when using the engraved card

One of the Best in Slot Command Card For Robin Hood

Sadly, for those wanting her, Lady in Waiting Kasuga will not be summonable!

Event Bonus Servants, Support List Setup Recommendations, and General Event CE usage Information!

Event Bonus Servants

The following Story Characters have these bonuses:

All of the following servants have a 30% damage bonus:

Strangely enough, Emiya does not qualify for this event! Huh?

Support Set Up Recommendations

Since the enemy classes vary so much by node, it is hard to recommend any set in stone support setup recommendations for the entire event. So instead I based my recommendation on the best free quest nodes available instead:

My Overall Support List Setup Recommendation

The Empty slot for Beserker can be whatever you want

My Per Floor Support List setup Recommendations

The Event is time gated by Floors, so just click on the Floor to see my recommended Support List setup. Empty slots means that any CE can go there!

Floor 1

BEST Gold node: Tanuki Room (Enemy Type: Assassin)
BEST Silver node:Tanuki Room (Enemy Type: Assassin)
BEST Bronze node: Fox Room (Enemy Type: Beserker)
Most Currency Drop node: Tanuki Room (Enemy Type: Assassin)

Floor 2

BEST Gold node: Fox Room (Enemy Type:Beserker)
BEST Silver node: Tanuki Room (Enemy Type: Assassin)
Best Bronze node: Mirage Room (Enemy Type: Saber)
Most Currency Drop node: Tanuki Room (Enemy Type: Assassin)

Floor 3

BEST Gold node: Fox Room (Enemy Type: Berserker)
BEST Silver node: Twilight Darkness (Enemy Type: Lancer)
Best Bronze node: Mirage Room (Enemy Type: Saber)
Most Currency Drop node: Night Time Darkness (Enemy Type:Archer)

Floor 4

Best Gold node: Falcon Room (Enemy Type: Caster)
Best Silver node: Twilight Darkness (Enemy Type: Lancer)
Best Bronze node: Mirage Room (Enemy Type: Saber)
Most Currency Drop node: Night Time Darkness (Enemy Type:Archer)

Final Nodes

BEST Gold node: Bird of Paradise Room (Enemy Type: Rider)
BEST Silver node: Room of Ever-Lasting Darkness (Enemy Type: Assassin)
Best Bronze node: Aurora Borealis Room (Enemy Type: Caster)
Most Currency Drop node: Queen of the Night Flower Room (Enemy Type: Beserker)
2nd most Currency node: Dragon Room (Enemy Type: Rider)

Where to set the Shop CE

In addition to the above sections I highly recommend giving the Damage boosting 5 star event shop CE, Crowning Beauty, to an Alter-Ego servant. Kama or foreigners will also make great holders for this CE.

I personally think that Kiara, in particular, will be pretty much a cheat code to the Challenge Quest!

If you Lack any Good Alter Egoes the second best class is probably Foreigners due to resistance to the Beserkers on the Challenge Quest and their advantage against Beast III in general.

And of course, due to her event 100% damage bonus, Kama makes a good shop CE holder as well.

General Event CE Usage Information

Generally, for main quests and exploration quests, the most common currency drop vary by floor. You can safely assume, with only few rare exceptions, that you should bring the following CEs:

  • FLOOR 1: Primarily BRONZE Currency/ bring 3 star Bronze Event CE: HIKESHI SPIRITS
  • FLOOR 2: Primarily SILVER Currency/ bring 4 star Silver Event CE: RESPLENDENT SPRING
  • FLOOR 3: Primarily GOLD Currency/ bring 5 star Gold Event CE: PRINCESS PILGRAMAGE
  • FLOOR 4: Primarily SILVER Currency/ bring 4 star Silver Event CE: RESPLENDENT SPRING
  • FLOOR 5: Primarily GOLD Currency/ bring 5 star Gold Event CE: PRINCESS PILGRAMAGE

LOST In the Labrynth?

How about some maps?!

Every good Explorer knows the value of a good map! So to help you on your Journey through the Labrynth, I found some maps to help guide you on your way!
These maps show the Labyrinth before the finals areas are unlocked, after the final areas are unlocked, and the shortest route to take to get to the end!

That said, if you want to get all the rewards this event has to offer...

It is best to explore the entire maze once all areas have been unlocked following Act 8!

Floor 1

Floor 1Map before Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 1Map after Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 1Map shortest Route

Floor 2

Floor 2 Map before Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 2 Map After Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 2 Map Shortest Path

Floor 3

Floor 3 Map before Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 3 Map after Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 3 Map Shortest Path

Floor 4

Floor 4 Map before Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 4 Map after Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 4 Map Shortest Path

Floor 5

Floor 5 Map before Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 5 Map after Final Areas are Unlocked

Floor 5 Map Shortest Path

And here are some farming drop maps showing all the drops from the farming nodes!

Drop Map

Floor 1 Drop Map

Floor 2 Drop Map

Floor 3 Drop Map

Floor 4 Drop Map

Floor 5 Drop Map


Here are some quick overviews of the main two challenge fights of this event.

There wasn’t enough room for the Challenge quest section so I put it in another thread. Please click the above link to see it!

May these Goddesses of Love Bless your Rolls!


So with that let me wish everyone rolling one year from now the best of luck!

Whether you are aiming for Kama, Kiara, Parvati, Munenori, Caster of the Nightless City, or even Mata Hari!

I hope you all get the servant you desire!

And be sure to check out Poketar’s part 2 onlythread here!



Guides, Sources, and Ooku Related Links
Walk Throughs and Guides

  1. Gamepress Guide
  3. Tokugawa Kaiten Meikyū - Ōoku | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom
  6. 【FGO】大奥イベントの効率の良い攻略・ドロップまとめ|メインインタールード | AppMedia
  7. Ooku (Kama) Event Guide


  1. All of the Guides linked in the previous section were also used as sources.
  4. [GUIDE] Revival : Tokugawa Labyrinth of Rebirth - Ooku - Fate/Grand Order | Japanese - QooApp User Notes
  5. Gamepress Ooku act 10 part 2 guide

Youtube Videos, Other Roll Threads, and Ooku Related Links

  1. One Nun who is the epitome of lewd + One teller of bedtimes stories + One old man who likes to sit = Ooku Roll Thread PART Two
  2. Kama General Discussion
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  15. 100 Days of Kama
  16. Kama-Chan Facebook Meme Page

More To Be Added

FSN Heaven's Feel: Spring Song

The main two servants in this Event (Parvati and Kama) are Based on Sakura Matou the star of the the Movie Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel: Spring Song. On March 31st, which is during this event, the Blu-Ray for this movie will be released in Japan and will almost certainly have some sort of Campaign to celebrate.

Spring Song Blu-ray Announcement (Japanese)
Spring Song Details (also Japanese)

Sometimes we get these type of celebrations at the same time (Remember the Babylonia Anime Campaign) especially seeing on how this event is related! So keep an eye out for some extra rewards! I will add it here if that happens!

Fanart Links

In Order of Appearance (more or less)

  1. Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate), C97 / カーマが甘いもの食べてた - pixiv
  2. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Karna (Fate) / FGOインドLOG3 - pixiv
  3. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/GO, Fate/Grand Order / ビーストIII L/R - pixiv
  4. Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate), Parvati (Fate) / vs - pixiv
  5. Fate/Grand Order, fate, Fate/Grand Order / パールヴァティー - pixiv
  6. arrow/アロウ - pixiv
  7. matou sakura, Fate/staynight, Heaven's_Feel / 桜 - pixiv
  9. Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate), Fate/Grand Order / カーマ - pixiv
  10. 龙之天雪 - pixiv
  11. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Yagyu Munenori (Fate) / 柳生但馬守宗矩 - pixiv
  12. Fate/Grand Order, Mysterious Alter Ego Λ, Meltlilith (swimsuit) / ヒまとめ - pixiv
  13. コ - pixiv
  14. scheherazade (fate and 1 more) drawn by may_(2747513627) | Danbooru
  15. mins - pixiv
  17. TheNinthCycle - pixiv
  18. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Kama / カーマちゃん - pixiv
  20. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Kiara Sessyoin / カーマとちっちゃな仲間たち - pixiv
  21. Fate/Grand Order, Kiara Sessyoin, Okada Izo (Fate) / FGO log - pixiv
  22. Asterios / アステリオス / March 13th, 2017 - pixiv
  23. Kiyo 木又 - pixiv
  25. 岐兎こるた - pixiv
  26. Fate/Grand Order, Mata Hari (Fate), belly dance / マタ・ハリ - pixiv
  27. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Yagyu Munenori (Fate) / 柳生但馬守宗矩 - pixiv
  28. 児玉酉 - pixiv
  29. lack - pixiv
  30. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Parvati / パールヴァティー - pixiv
  31. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate) / カーマちゃん - pixiv
  32. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate) / カーマ - pixiv
  34. sakiyamama - pixiv
  35. 那賀ネギ - pixiv
  36. Fate/Grand Order, Fate, Fate/Grand Order / 我が心は不動 - pixiv
  37. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Grand Order, Kama (Fate) / カーマ - pixiv
  38. solkorra, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/GO / 殺生院キアラ - pixiv
  39. Parvati, Fate/Grand Order, Parvati (Fate) / パールヴァティー - pixiv

All Graphics with the Japanese Kanji for Lost, 迷, were created by me.

Thank You for Reading and the Best of Luck!


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