Tomorrow is your last chance to summon cyl 1 heroes at the same time

I wish everyone the best of luck and here’s a picture of them all together i found it on google don’t @ me

If you plan on merging these fellow heroes, now is your chance.


Tempted for Brave Ike merges


What do you mean by last chance? There won’t be anymore CYL1 banner revivals?

free roy plz happen


Uh…yes,they are.

They just can’t appear on new units banners.


Going to pass. I don’t think I am going to pull until the next legendary/mythic or maybe november. I wouldn’t mind any of the reds next mythic banner, and maybe if green is an astra hero, that will pull me in.

O I forgot lol

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Oh boy! Can’t wait to get a full circle of colorless to completely waste my free summon on!

If you are planning going for B Ike or B Lucina, I would rather wait for next month. They are both in the 4% weekly banner.

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Same week or different? What other heroes are they paired with?

Oh wow, they are together too. Nice.

AKA: another millionth opportunity to get a free 3* titania :feh_nino:


Its worth noting that if you need more time to save up orbs for B!Ike and B!Lucina that they have a rerun banner with a 4% rate in about a month.

sweats nervously


thats some good roy merges you can always give to me

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I feel the B!Roy
He’s here
Come to me <3


I could…but I like my Brave Roy. Still needs SS3, tho’.

But I do have my free B!Eliwood, worst-case scenario.

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what a coincidence, I also like your brave roy


Luckily, I have all of them
But more merges won’t disappoint

Fuck. Pitybroken when there were no reds.
EDIT: At least she’s a good roll. I can work with +DEF.

Welp, that’s it for my orbs. No more Roys for me from this banner. :sob:
Our boi will have to wait for me to +10.

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