Tonic for trace detection-QUeSTION

Where is this in the game? Do you need to reach a certain level? I’ve never even seen any of these ingredients anywhere. Possibly a geographically available item?? ConfusedinCalifornia…

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It comes in a bonus pack from Diagonal Alley.

Hey there! We just published a new guide that should help!

the last move for its master notes is wrong. it’s listed as a pinch in, but it should be out (up/down)


I will make sure we get this updated if it hasnt been already! Thank you so much for helping us! Sorry for the late response!

BTW, word on the street is that next Brilliant event, which should start this upcoming week, one assignment is to use one Tonic. And in week 2 a couple of weeks from now, one assignment is to use 2 Tonics. So here’s hoping you have 3, or the Erumpent horns to brew your third within two weeks.

If they don’t either give horns with a complimentary package, up the drop rate in the wild or in (event) portkeys, I think there’ll be riots :slight_smile:

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We get a free gift when the event starts and if I’m not mistaken it will have tonic ingredients in it. You also need 5 potent extimulos so here’s hoping for unicorn hair and erumpent horns in all your portkeys!