Too much golden apples

Hi there, I v been playing this game for about 800 days and I really love it, but overtime I gained too much apples (currently I have 253) and I use them almost every day, but there is no chance I can burn them all, so I ask you :
Is there a way how to use all apples quicker, sell them or something I missed? ( some quick battle at treasure vault would be great, cause like most people there isn´t that much time to play the game , maybe something implemented in the future?)

Haha, there’s no way to sell them apples. Just keep them in reserve in the case that you do have the time to play. I’m sure you will need those apples when you go hunting for materials and farm :grinning: :grinning:

Like I said there isn´t much time a can use them all, and even if , they keep sending more eventually, so I had always more than enough

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You’re not the only one, I have a lot of gold apples. I think I have about 300+, but I do intend to use them when I have free time to join events and new quests. There’s really nothing that can be done in this case, honestly. Apologies if this isn’t much of a solution :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I’ve been having trouble with that too. Been trying to get back to double digit apples every lottery, but I burn out and can’t quite manage it, and then they keep throwing more apples at me…


Haha, we got more apples than SQs and tickets. Wish the shitty devs could give us a break :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:


I don’t understand how people build up such a stock of golden apples. I guess not everyone enjoys playing as much as I do. I burn through them as fast as they arrive, as AP is the main gating mechanic that prevents me from reaching my goals,

I guess if you have already cleared every free quest, interlude/rank up, and full skilled/ascended every servant you care about I could understand stockpiling golden apples. But before that, isn’t there stuff you want to do?

Setup a 3-turn super quick farming team for Treasure Vault. You’ll go through multiple apples per hour. It looks like this.

It’s a premium team in terms of CEs, but you have been playing for a while. Merlin can be Ozy, Helena, Waver, or just use the mystic code that charges NP. This is just for Bunyan. Using 5* with 50% charge like Ishtar, Ereshkigal, Gil takes longer but is an option if you don’t have enough Kaleidoscope or Imaginary Element. Support should have MLB Mona Lisa. Both Spartacus (after his strengthening quests) and Arash clear waves in a few seconds. I use Bunyan on 2nd wave because Spartacus hits harder.

Ember farming looks like this. Ozy’s face cards are sometimes necessary vs. lancers and obviously hit harder than Merlin. :slight_smile: Just have to use two skills.

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When I was new I didn’t have enough apples to spare outside of events to make sure I could finish events. Then my team got stronger and suddenly I only needed apples if I was impatient about claiming event rewards…and then they just started piling up. Started both nerofest and Christmas with ~180 apples and only got close to dipping below 100. But they just keep coming…


Ahh, I guess it’s just my experience as a relatively new player, then. Seems like I need all the AP I can get just to get my most used servants’ skills up to par, but I can understand how that becomes less of an issue as one’s account matured.

Still, too many apples is a problem I’d love to have.


That is mostly my situation, except for the skill levels, as that’s the least rewarding thing to farm (exp drops are guaranteed, whereas material drops are chance-based). Also because I’m F2P lores are limited, so skills are going to take a while anyway, at least until rare prisms are easier to get. But since I’ve been around since the start of NA every servant I have is leveled and I’ve used up my grails. So for now I mainly have a stockpile of apples due to time constraints/other priorities.

I’m not sure why people find a stockpile of apples as a bad thing, it means that whenever you’re low on AP and have free time you can use an apple to keep playing. It’s better to have apples than not to, though those that have used up their apples have done so to get ahead in materials, so it’s not like using up your apples is a bad thing either. Just think it’s odd to feel like having apples is a bad thing.
Though this is coming from someone who thinks saving up too much SQ will mean worse summons (as that’s been my experience), so I guess we all have our oddities in gaming.


Heh, yeah, I can sort of get why you’d end up with more apples than you can use, but not why you’d find that to be a problem. I’d love to be able to play as much as I like when I have days off, or whatever.

Use them in the lotto events? Obvious best choice. Got 297 Gold ones myself with 122 Silver and 547 Bronze and plan to dump some in this rerun lotto and the ones later this year.

You’re either not using enough or not playing as much as the next person. Tbh tho 200 is not rly that much. That can actually blow over faster than you think. There are plenty other places to use apples than just lottos. There are Half Ap events, Free quest farming for mats, Hunting Quests for mats, Raid events like the coming Apoc Event sometime this year, events like summer 3 coming out this year that needs a hell of a lot of farming, etc. There are a ton of things to use apples on. Hell spending apples on Embers outside of half ap is ok when you get a rly good servant you want to raise right away. Many ppl that have as many apples as you or more usually have to much irl stuff, don’t play the game as much as most degens do, just don’t use them at other valuable times to use them other than lotto, or just want to flex their apple count.

Btw i take advantage of all those things above and use apples on events when impatient and still i have around 150 apples. My assumption is that there are some ppl that worry about their apple count once they reach lotto and then figure out they won’t use all the apples they have for that one lotto. At most a person uses around 50-100 apples depending on how hard you farm. So if you have between that, don’t think to much on how many apples you have and just spend them one whatever you feel like using them on.

I have 390 right now myself (plus 256 silvers)

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Me too, I’m on about 280…

Well, for me, it was more of a busy schedule irl and mostly because I didn’t have enough golden apples in the past, so I let them pile up until I really need to gather more materials. Like now, especially since I have new servants to upgrade. I’ll probably be spending most of my time this week trying to gather enough materials to strengthen up my babies, which will no doubt drain me out of energy again like that summer event with Sensei. It makes me happy to have them, but farming materials for 5 sstar servents is hell, bruh… :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:

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Too many gapples?

No such thing. Never, ever such a thing.

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What you need is 3T. no way you can burn more than the income. I have over 100 And i wish we have some sort of trade system for apples at this point