Too Weak to Raid?

I have just started getting into Pokemon GO, having reached level 27 and starting to get some Pokemon in the high 1000s CP wise. I have started getting invites to join in on remote raids for 5 star raids and I’m worried that if I joined, I would make things worse since my Pokemon will not be contributing much damage. Is this an actual concern, or am I being worried over nothing and should accept these?

You should absolutely join if you’re willing to spend that pass. They sent the invite, its fair game. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: There are numerous trainers (myself included) who are 100% ok with carrying some newbies through raids. For instance, there are several T5 legendary raids that are easy duos (or barely trios) so if they have a pal/alt with them, the other trainers could do almost nothing and the raid would still be won.

Plus, if you do those raids get some legendaries (almost any of which will likely be better out-of-the-box than what you currently have) then you will start contributing to raids!


I took your advice and long story short I got an Uxie so thank you so much!


Well done, nobody minds lower level trainers in raids, especially not when they actually try like you do.

We were all low level once and it’s not a job (although it can feel like one at times). Enjoy the game, at your own pace and in your own way.


If you’ll never start raiding you’ll grow slower and that’s the most damaging issue ;)
It’s completely fine to be carried in a raid if you’re a new player, you literally cannot put as much effort as a TL45 could.
One thing I always say is below Trainer Level 30 shouldn’t even be considered in computing the required number for a raid: those accounts just cannot contribute that much in a raid. They just need someone else to bring the big guns. And that’s okay.
At TL 30-35 the account should be getting started, with some quasi-optimized counters for the most relevant types. If you can trade with friends consistently, it’s easier (traded Machoke doesn’t need candies to evolve into Machamp at all).
TL 38-40 is the point at which one should be ready to raid a T5, maybe not with the absolute minimum of people, but they should be able to carry level 30s in a group.
Once you’re TL40+ there’s no excuse not to have full teams of major counters for most T5 raids.
TL40+ should be ready to start building Shadow counter for their raid team. That’s the endgame in raiding. I don’t suggest touching any Shadow mon below TL40, before you’re ready to raid. Once you can consistently carry smaller players, once you got tons of stardust, then it’ll be worth it to build Shadow mons.

The problem is here: I’m seeing way too many TL38-40 who doesn’t really have a clue about what should be used in each T5 raid, they don’t have the required counters a TL38-40 should already have, and most likely they’ll be raiding with the suggested team, which is shite most of the times, instead of prepping an optimal team.
This is the major problem in raiding. Trainer Level 27 are not the problem at all. They just cannot be top-performer. It’s like asking a kid to lift a 40 pounds rock from the ground. If they can’t do it, okay, but if a professionist weightlifter with several years of training can’t, that’s the problem. If you need four people to push a broken car off the road, you cannot expect a kid to do that. Of course he can help pushing, but he still needs those 4 adults. It’s not his fault. That’s the analogy

It’s okay to be carried in a raid, it can help you stop being carried sooner ;) don’t worry about it, just start figuring out what mons it’s better to be powering up once you’ll get to TL30. Don’t waste your stardust, don’t be afraid to learn from the bigger players :)


Why would you be to weak to raid?

So yes you do not have the Pokémon to get the best times, to set world records or so, but be sure 99.99999…% of the other trainers do not have them either.

My advice to you is try to build teams, and prepare your team in advance. If a new boss comes take a look at Pokebattler and try to form your team with some good counters (leave out those Megas and shadows for now) and look for the Pokémon you have. I took Azelf as an example… and then you go looking for your 6 Pokémon out the Top Pokémon from that list. For newer/lower level players the first few on that list will be hard to have/get (but you will get there) but look at Tyranitar, Gengar, Honchkrow, Houndoom, Weavile… and prepare your team spending as little as you can, because next month some other boss will be around and you will need to make another team.

When you prepare your teams like this nobody will ever think bad about you or your level you will become a much liked member for the raid squads.


Just wanted to thank everyone in here for their support and kind words. I was really worried I’d join a raid and cause us to fail because I wasn’t good enough. That is clearly not even remotely an issue. I’ve started developing some good Pokemon. Got a Gengar with decent IVs since even if he isn’t perfect, he’ll be a great starting place. Also recently got a Gardevoir from a raid someone helped me with. Outside of that, trying to get more and using some okayish pokemon like the eeveelutions and such to help bolster myself up. :slight_smile: