Took some effort, but my newest tank is (mostly) done

Hes been a work in progress for a while. I sent away quite a number of manuals cough5star bridescough and did every blessed garden possible. But hes finally done. Pretty much. Flower will take awhile longer of course. And I havent decided if I want to swap his trait (I’m kinda eyeing res to do something crazy, but I know def is probably best).

He’s got 2 other link skills (atk/def and atk/spd). But I think skill-wise he’s solid. Unless anyone has suggestions?


I think that’s 41 resistance with his prf and Link active? But that 28 speed…

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as a melee tank/retaliator, you have one of the best units in front of you.

but the speed is gonna reduce his tanking abilities in half, if you get what i mean. one hit vs two. one chance for a special vs two. the main issue i see here is that he has no way to manipulate his or his foe’s special counter, and no way to manipulate forced doubles. with a moonbow, mean that your 60 defense becomes 46, which is great, but not impossible to whoop. the resistance is fine enough, again, any magical nuke with AOE or moonbow will be a bad matchup for the guy. chill def and atk + shrines might be an issue unless you run him with a mila or other unit who’ll soak those.
i know the link synergizes reallly well with his weapon, but perhaps as a tank you can run guard and have your other units place in the link buffs.

I like Mordecai. He’s a good unit and squirrels!

Here’s my Mordy’s Arena build:

I still need to max his dragon flowers, but whatever. I find that it’s hard to salvage his Res, so it’s best to focus on his two good stats, Atk and Def. Everything in the build flows from that!

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Here’s something you could try, but…

Maybe Lull Atk/Spd would be better, now that I’m looking at it.