Top 5 beast units in FE Heroes

Who are your top 5 either it be design, playstyle, how fun they are, or how powerful they are? For me they are
(Note that the list is supposed to be 5 4 3 2 1 but Gamepress is a mess and forcefully made it 5 6 7 8 9)
5. New Year’s Selkie: a good design, and a really powerful unit who can easily reduce damage, and pretty much negates all dragon units and mages, she is last place for me because her voice is really really annoying at parts, even though i liked her og Heroes voice, and also because her defense just doesn’t keep up with the sheer amount of damage she may be taking. When she is a physical unit, that can really hamper her ability to perform. She also doesn’t negate as many doubles as she really should be able to. Her og version seems better at dodging doubles

  1. Tibarn: A very conteoversial choice, yes, but 1st place does a similar job and is a completely free unit. Tibarn does lots and lots of damage and usually smashes rhe weapon triangle with his bare hands. His weapon and A skill and C skill combine so well, that he manages to kill a huge portion of the game’s roster in one round of combat. He has high attack and good defense, but he is hard to max out, which is where 2nd and 1st place beat him. His mobility, being a flying beast unit is insane, being able to cover a third of the map most of the time, without the weaknesses that plague calvary units. Another weakness that hampers tibarn is the fact that a null follow up 3 negates his entire setup mosy of the time. Also galeforce tibarn just doesnt feel super fun for me

  2. New Year’s Lethe: another controversial pick I bet! New years lethe seems hell bent on not dying on me. She may not have the same base speed output as her og form by like 2 points (thanks to og lethe’s weapon) but her ability to negate follow ups based on her own speed is nearly unrivaled amongst calvary units, and this high speed means high damage and also damage reduction and doubles negating. She is og lethe but almost 100% better, and does a ton of damage and has even outperformed my tibarn as well. She is a nightmare to face, and very fun to use. She can and has survived mages as well, thanks to her damage reduction, and then negates doubles most of the time, allowing her to likely kill the enemy mage on the next turn as long as she was at 70-100% hp. I rank her above tibarn because she is surprisingly tankier than him overall thanks to actually being able to survive a mage hit or two, and being able to do so on either phase of the fight. She easily dies to red mages with calvary effectiveness however, and her speed has already been powercrept by a few red units who of course, have color effectiveness over her and can double her. (Thanks IS). She is also hurt by her very limited availability, meaning merges are hard to come by for her.

  3. Reyson: a flying dancer who can move 3 spaces, is easy to merge, can heal allies passively, and can actually take a couple hits?! Sign me up! Reyson is one of the best support units in the whole game, being ome of the only green dancers, one of the only flying dancers in the game, having a passive healing ability, and the ability to possibly move 3 spaces as a flier. He is an absolute menace and a welcome addition to any team. He beats out almost all of the competition by being an f2p unit, thus easy to merge and get the right ivs. He may not have the highest stats, but when push comes to shove, he can still fight decently well. He is far better than his sister, by being both a, f2p unit, as well as having higher attack and defense, meaning he can deal more damage and has a higher chance to survive damage than her. He is a flexible unit who works in most teams, and thanks to having a passive healing ability that goes for 2 spaces, you can still move him away from allies so he can transform, but also heal them. He is the only f2p dancer who can move 3 spaces as well, and he can also kill units like lazura, leading to him being quite useful. There are also many differwnt skill sets one could give him and still come out with a useful unit.

  4. Take new years lethe’s bonus damage, the power of flight like tibarn, make a fast unit with decent attack, but make them f r e e
    What I described is Naesala. He may not be as bulky as tibarn, or as fast as new years lethe, but he outperforms both for a simple reason. He is easy to merge. Sure he suffers from no ivs, but its a small price to pay for ome of the best ghb units in Heroes. Its easier to get a +10 naesala than it is to get a +1 new years lethe or tibarn. And by then? Naesala is outperforming them both. His design is also very cool and rather different from anyone else amongst beast units, with all that black, mixed with some dark blue hair, but dressed differently than his fellow raven laguz in his game as well. He is just plain fun to use and can do similar jobs to Tibarn, and can inherit tibarn’s A skill or some others like some solo skills so that he can pull off galeforce builds as well. His defenses are pretty decent by the time he is +10 as well. Heck, once my naesala and reyson very very very slowly killed a surtr over 20 turns thanks to my naesala using guard. Naesala’s availability just makes him so much better than his competition.

I know many will disagree with my assessment, but that is fine. What are your thoughts and favorites?


Hmmmm… :feh_arthurthink:
If it’s character and design, it’s Fluff
If it’s playstyle and power it’s Discussion


Well its a bit of both so to be safe I went with Discussion


Also just kinda bored rn but if it’s too 5 why is it numbered 5 6 7 8 9?


Oh what the ■■■■! God damnit Gamepress!


Its forcefully making it 5 6 7 8 9. Its supposed to be 5 4 3 2 1. I cant seem to disable that either


GP is weird sometimes


Literally tried fixing it 8 times now.


Don’t even try to disable it. It’s perfect.

Okay, here is my top 5:
Number 13 - Velouria. The fact that it’s a small child that turns into a huge wolf is cool + the cooldown reduction mechanic is powerful.

Number 31 - NY Lethe. Speed based damage reduction with an impressive offensive statline. If she wasn’t a catlady she’d be higher.

Number 69 - Yarne. An interesting weapon with a good offensive statline. A creepy bunny man. What more could you ask for.

Number 100 - Tibarn. By far the coolest. Even saying his name lets you know that he’s a strong dude.


Okay… you were setting up that joke, and i respect you for it. @Guts


I had to :feh_bigbeauty: if I were to add an actual fifth character, it would be Caineghis as number 5.


Welp. The list I made is even more out of whack now. Lol. Guess this thread is perfect for a mix of seriousness and comedy now, so have at it

  1. I

  2. Dont

  3. use

  4. Beast

  5. Units

but i love new years Selkie


I find it interesting tho that you put Naesala at the top. He’s really good, but I still appreciate Tibarn’s statline a bit more when it comes to an offensive flier. His combination of high attack and high defense is ideal even for counter-colored duels and he only cares about speed if the enemy has null-follow up, whereas Naesala has to be a bit more careful when picking his enemies, because his defense is on the lower side (lower at +10 than a +0 Tibarn).


That is a fair point, and yes tibarn does still have some advantages. I juat feel that Naesala is also far more flexible than tibarn, and of course having a +10 naesala is better than having no tibarn lol

Well. Hmm.

Ny lethe is a bit to good. Thats why she gets my :feh_hecmad:

Hmm. Tibarn. Yea. Good.

Naesala is No1. Not just because he is my favorite king. He has great art. Is free. Powerful. Hmm. Fast. Actual speed stat. Decent def. Lovely Res stat. So dragos get nom. Can mimick tibarn to a T if you give him an impact. Yea. I like him. And I suppose he is my next grail project.

I suppose I like hmmm. Fox. Kitsune is great support for a sweeper. Espcially when Paired with someone inflicted with bonus doubler. Getting them stacks son. Eat your heart out. :feh_bylethsmile:


I only use Tibarn on a daily basis.

He’s the only Beast unit I truly like using.


Which kitsune? There are like 3. Also which lethe? I mean i love using both


To fix the order, just take of the periods in front of the number. That might work, but it won’t be formatted.


Oh yeah my runner ups were Kaden for support, nailah for being an actually really good meta counter, and lethe for pure speed and a damage output very comparable to tibarn but again with higher speed. I love nailah the most out of all beast units in the game to use, but she is outclassed in terms of power and availability compared to the top 5. Honestly all of the beast units cept leanne and mordecai and panne could have easily made the list for me

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