Top 8 non merge projects


Common units in the pool that are just very useful fodder to waste the extra copies in a merge project, 2 units per colour.
Red: Selena and Chrom (Reposition, Aether)
Blue: Cordelia and Silas (steady stance, reposition, galeforce and brave lance+)
Green: Barts and Camilla ( Reposition and Savage blow)
Colorless: Legault and Klein ( atk tactic, brave bow+, qr3 and death blow)


I have a +3 and 4 Silas and Klein respectively what do I win?


Wait, what? So are we listing units we just won’t merge because they’re good fodder?


Yep, basically.


Oh. Welp, guess I’ll just walk out the door. I don’t fit the description. :joy:


Red: Hinata, Draug (Fury 3, Ward Armor)
Blue: Tailtiu, Shanna (Rally Spd/Res & Drive Spd, Desperation)
Green: Frederick, Gunter (WoM2 & Luna, Hone Cav)
Colourless: Sothe, Kaze (LnD3, Atk Smoke & Barb Shuriken)


For me it’d be:

red - hinata & cain
blue - shanna & subaki
green: barst & fae (i’ve fed my barracks so many chickens for renewal)
colorless: legault & kaze


Red : Our lord and furious saviour Hinata and Palla (Moonbow+WoM 3+Goad Fliers)
Blue : Shanna (Desperation) and Subaki (Quick riposte 3)
Green : Camilla (Savage Blow) and…I don’t know.
Colorless : Klein (Brave Bow+DB3+QR 3) and Legault (Glimmer + Atk tactic)


Red: Ares, Cain, Chrom, Hinata, Selena (Brazen Atk/Def, Wings of Mercy, Aether, Fury, Reposition)

Blue: Abel, Odin, Roderick, Shanna, Silas, Subaki (Swordbreaker, Blarblade+, Firesweep L+, Rally Def/Res, Desperation, Reposition, Steady Stance, Even Def Wave, Quick Riposte)

Green: Arthur, Barst, Fae (Swap, Reposition, Renewal)

Colorless: Azama, Kaze, Klein, Legault, Lissa, Lucius, Nanna, Sothe (Pain+, Barb Shuriken+, Atk Smoke, Death Blow, Quick Riposte, Atk Tactic, Gravity+, Miracle, Restore+, Life and Death)


The disapproval of people who fodder them.