Top Operator Tag: Exusiai or Ifrit

Need some quick help; got real lucky and got my 2nd Top Operator tag in recruitment. Here are the tags I got:

I used the recruitment calculator which told me that I can guarantee Ifrit or Exusiai (neither of which I have which would is great). I need an opinion on which might help me out more for the future.

If you want an idea of what operators I currently have/use with comparable roles:


For Snipers:

  • Meteor and Jessica are my main anti-air snipers, but I also have Blue Poison on the side waiting for some exp.
  • I also have Meteorite, Shirayuki, Provence, and Firewatch leveled and awaiting deployment.

For Casters:

  • For Single Target, I only really have Amiya and Haze leveled.
  • For AOE I rely on Gitano and Skyfire, and they are usually the ones I bring instead of Amiya or Haze.

In terms of the number of operators I have, I have more Snipers available for deployment and wouldn’t mind getting more Arts-damage sources (Amiya has just been ok for the most part), but I’m just not sure about how good, bad, or useful Ifrit is, especially in comparison to Exusiai.

That’s really a hard choice to make.
In my personal opinion, both Exusiai and Ifrit have their own pro and cons.
She’s good at dealing with drones, but she’s even better at dealing low DEF enemies. She can help your ground units a little bit, but not effective against high DEF enemies.
Talent reduces enemies’ RES, and skill 2 reduces their DEF, high basic arts damage. She’s almost a perfect AoE caster, except her attack range. Not every stage provides you with a good “Ifrit Happy Tile” or “Ifrit Happy Lane” that matches her attack range. If the terrain is not Ifrit-friendly, and you just need that AoE caster, I think Skyfire and Mostima are always the better choice.

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In my opinion, Ifrit’s the best unit in the game if you can find space for her on the map.

There are a bunch of tags that guarantee Ifrit though, so that’s something to keep in mind, if you want to think long-term.

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Exusiai hands down. I own neither but if given the same chance as you I’d go exusiai.

Ifrit is nice but her awkward range can sometimes make her unusable/unoptimal in some maps.

Exusiai will struggle a bit vs armor but for the most part maps are a mix of armor and unarmored units so you’ll field her anyway.


I have them both at E2 and like both operators a lot. I would suggest going for Exu, she can’t be really replaced by other snipers.
Still Ifrit is no pushover though, she is still worth using even if your only covering one tile and destroy maps where she hits 2 or more. The resistance and def reduction is also really good.
Hope that the sniper or debuff tag sticks :+1:

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It’s a tough choice. Personally I would say go for Exusiai. Ifrit will be more powerful in maps that have a good setup for her, but Exusiai will shine in basically every stage.

Also if it helps the decision - Exusiai has never been available in the shop on Global server and only once on the CN server, while Ifrit has been in the Global shop 3 times and the CN shop 4 times. So you’re more likely to be able to buy her later.


I would say Ifrit. Exusiai might be more generally useful but other units can do her role just not quite as well as her. Ifrit gives you whole new possibilities for squads and setups, she works very differently to any other caster so there’s no substitute for her.

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I’d say go for Exusiai since she’s much more generally useful and is a lot easier to place and manage by comparison.

Not every map is gonna have good positioning for Ifrit, and you’ll have to think carefully about where you’ll place her. Although you did mention you’re lacking in Arts DPS, so I supppose that’s a point in her favor.

If you’re planning to roll on Drillelectric Exu is the featured 6*, so you can try and grab her from there and Ifrit from recruitment.


It’s a tough choice, i have both of them, and they are both really powerfull. But personally, if i already have a good set of normal snipers, i would choose Ifrit, because she’s literally an irreplaceable operator. Exusia is great, she decimates all current bosses easily, and probably the cheapest way to destroy them. but i wouldn’t say she’s exactly unique, i can easily replace her with other snipers, and won’t have that much of a disadvantage.

Some would say she’s awkward to use because her of her range, but i don’t fully agree with that, her range could be a con and also a pro. And there’s a lot more stages that what most people think, where you could use Ifrit from my experience. For example, Ifrit could absolutely destroy 3 of the new chapter 6 inferno mode, because of her long range, especially H6-3. And to be honest, you just need her to cover 2 tile of blocks because the DPS and raw debuff is just that powerfull(yes, her debuff is also very powerfull). And she’s the only AoE caster that’s usefull in later stages tbh. They suffer from low attack speed, and except for Ifrit, their Attack stats aren’t that much higher from a single target casters.

But in the end, if you want something safe and easy, Exusia is still a safer bet. She’s still super easy and more straight forward to use. Ifrit can destroy every types of enemies, buy she is still harder to use because of her higher cost and placement.

Exusia is a lot easier to use, has low cost, destroys early game of stages, but she loses a lot of damage againts high armor unit easily, just like any other normal snipers.
Ifrit is harder to use because of high cost and placement, but she can destroy every types of enemies, and also a great support for other casters and ohysical damager.

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I have both leveled up. This is the classic case of specialized operator vs. general one. Exusiai be much easier to use in most maps and can decimate anything with low defense. Ifrit on the other hand will have some maps which are just set up perfected for her to dish out the damage. Exusiai will be something you have in your party pretty much 80+ percent of the time while Ifrit will be there significantly less but have a larger impact when she does show up.

In your case you already have some good anti-aerial snipers in the form of Blue Poison. She won’t be able to destroy low defense enemies as quickly as Exusiai but she will still do a great job overall. Ifrit due to her unique range on the other doesn’t really have any direct replacement . It a difficult choice but honestly I don’t really think there is a right or wrong one here.

Thanks for all the great points in favor of one or the other.
I’m probably going to grab Ifrit because I’ve been convinced by her uniqueness factor. Her range seems to make her tougher to deploy as readily as Exusiai, but I think that might be fun to play around and figure out.

Exusiai seems to be the safer choice, but I think I’ll try my best with the snipers I have already (they did get me through CC well enough without needing to borrow her). Her strength sounds crazy, but I think there’s definitely a point against her in terms of having substitutes with similar roles.


Ifrit’s weaknesses are her unique range, low hp and very high DP cost but all of them pale in comparison to her insane dps because her 40% res debuff straight up doesn’t care how much res you have if it’s below 40%.

Exusiai is a very good sniper but what most people don’t seem to notice much is that Exusiai is pretty much the best vanguard in the game. Being able to hold off the entire early rush by herself and allowing you to generate DP with myrtle and other DP recovery vanguards.

That said, Exusiai falls off hard in chapter 6 aside from the occasional drone maps and Frostnova fight because enemies have higher armor. Whilst Ifrit still burns them to ashes very quickly. Assuming she doesn’t get turned into an ice cube of course.

If you did pick Ifrit, then be prepared to always look for an Ifrit road when you start a map.

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i also have both, i would say go for ifrit as i tend to find her less in friend support.

Congratulations on your new Ifrit then :smile: assuming the tag didn’t drop off and give you a random, of course.
Also, I hope you get some good use out of your Blue Poison once you get her leveled. She takes some investment to really kick butt, but once you get here there she’ll serve you quite well, to the point where Exusiai wouldn’t be a big priority anyways.

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