Top Operator Tag in Recruitment

Hi Guys,

I need some help with my reading comprehension (mine is awful)… I was reading through the GP Recruitment Guide, and it says there in one section that:

It is believed that Top Operator will not drop as long as the Recruitment Time is set to 9 hours.

Does that mean that the tag won’t drop if the previous recruitment session was set to 9 hours, or if the current one you’re about to deploy is 9 hours?

Asking because I haven’t done any Recruiting so far that was anything other than 9 hours, so I wanted to confirm if I was screwing myself this whole time or not.


I think you’re misunderstanding the meaning of a dropped tag. When it’s said that a tag won’t drop at X time, it means that the tag won’t be lost. At a shorter time, a tag has a chance to “drop”, meaning that an operator that the tag doesn’t apply to will be recruited. So the thing about the Top Operator tag is just saying that when you recruit with a Top Operator tag, you want to recruit for 9 hours or you have a chance to waste the tag and not get a 6*.

On a side note, here’s a recruitment calculator that you can plug your available tags into to figure out how to get the best result from your recruitment.

Good luck and happy gachaing!

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