Top Operator Transfer Permit: Surtr or Thorns?


About a few weeks ago, I came back from a hiatus from playing Arknights. I missed when Surtr and Thorns were initially released and now I have a chance to get either one. Surtr is, of course, overpowered and a great boss killer but I often see Thorns fitting well in just about any kind of strategy, especially trust farm strats that only require him and 1 or 2 other ops.

I am leaning more towards Thorns since he would be better for more general uses, but I wanted to get to know some other opinions. I already have many high tiered ops like Blaze, SA, and Eyja (and now Skalter and Ex-wife), so I could probably find other sources of bursts of damage, but I could also use them for other uses like farming. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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I would choose Surtr for the simple fact that in the game there are not a lot of Art Guards, and i use Surtr a lot with her 2nd skill (who i’m working to Mastery 3 soon).

Surtr might be well known for her 3rd boss kill skill, but her 2nd skill makes her, in my humble opinion, a great Art Guard for everyday use.

It’s easyer to replace great DPS Operators like Thorns compared to replacing a good Art Operator.

Especially because the other Art Guards (Astesia, Mousse,…) are not in my opinion good Art damage dealers than Surtr.

But that’s only my opinion. Choose wisely


Thorn S3M3 (quality of life)
ranged 3x3
hit aerial units
little arts damage
regular damage
small regen
I am sure you don’t have many friends with him as regular support

Gameplay similar to Blaze and Mountain and he’s like a sniper/guard

Thorn need opponents (unless you deploy Chen) and time to activate his S3 as passive, I use him for maps with lots of enemies or long duration(as blaze) like annihilation.

Surtur S3M3 (boss killer, Cc expert):
range x3
arts damage+ignore res20-22
burst of damage more than 2.4k
Helidrop 5s for skill activation
immortal 4s to let her release her S3 for at least 4 s(5k hp)
attack target count +3 during S3

During cc, your friends generally put a Surtur
Can’t hit aerial units

Gameplay similar to Eija/Silverash/Schwarz

Surtur is helidrop and redeploy for me, only on the field to use her s3 with tough opponents(even with res) and save your annihilation or CC.

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Even more, if you already have good normal damage operators (SA and Blaze) , you don’t really need in my opinion another similar Operator.

Surtr, as a Art Guard, will be more useful, in my opinion.

And let me suggest you to not use her only for her Skill 3. She’s much more than a “bomb” with her S3 skill.

As i stated before, i use often her S2 skill and she’s more useful than Astesia. In my opinion

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Surtr from me,
Arts guard is rare, and she’s the best on that role,
I don’t have to mention her Boss slaying capabilities, do I?
Her S2, as stated above… better for daily usage.
Even her S1 on M3 would be fun to use.

Why not Thorns?
Not for now, as great as he is, and as one of the Big names as surtr does, you better not pick him for now, versatility wise
Filling in holes on your squad composition are more preferable in this case.

If the comparison were not between the two, of course one of them is Top priority, either Thorns or Surtr.
Because they are easily one of the 7 Big Names in the world of Arknights.
But choosing one of the 7 is a hard choice, all that matter is priority and pick anyone which suit you better in the current situation.

That’s all for now

Cheers :catdance:

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Thorns for future contents Surtr might be bosskiller material but she’s absolutely obsolete in current contents in CN especially Episode 9 stages where enemies high have RES and almost all Arts DPS are just meh even Eyja and her S2 cannot do much about it

Thorns is an all purpose ranged guard he can hit enemies land and air (except water but that’s just Dossoles stuffs) and his damage is more about sustained rather than burst damage and he suffers no drawback from his S3 unlike SA and his 70% Def down and Surtr HP drain also his HP regen is insanely fast if he’s not attacking plus his S3 has unlimited duration after 2nd use and his S3 charges relatively fast

also a lot of people already put Surtr as their support operator so you might find more benefit finding her from your friend support

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