Top what?

I keep hearing mention of a ‘big 4’ in Arknights, but I haven’t really managed to figure it out.

Specifically, I’m wondering exactly who fills this 4th slot? I know Silverash, Eyja and Blaze are three of them, but the list of possible candidates for the 4th spot is quite long in my head.

Is it Saria, Exusiai, Ch’en, Schwartz, Ifrit, Siege, Myrtle, Bagpipe or someone else I’ve never heard of yet?

Honestly, in my opinion, it’s crazy to think that there’s a top unit list that doesn’t include both Saria and Ifrit, so I’m struggling to see the relevance of ‘big 4’ talk anyway, but I would still like to know for reference.

Who knows.

My top fours are

Schwartz , Ch’en, Lappland and Oshiguma

Big 4?

It’s Zhuge Liang, Tamamo-no-Mae, Merlin and Scathach=Skadi XD.


The Big 3 I had always heard before were Silverash, Eyjafjalla and Exusiai, and from everything I’ve heard Blaze is probably the 4th.
My personal opinion is that Saria should be part of that group, but the “Big _” seems to be mostly because of damage output rather than overall utility.

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Big 4 is mostly used to describe the ‘best’ stuff in Chinese culture (e.g. big 4 canto pop ‘kings’, big 4 e-sports teams, etc)

So translated into AK, the Big 4 are SA, Eyja, Exu and Blaze. Nominally these 4, because they’re strong yes, but also because they fit into the ‘big 4’ tradition, which just happens to exclude some honourable/worthwhile mentions.

Personally, these 4 really fit the ‘big 4’ description to me because they can be fit into almost any lineup, any map, and still perform at their peak, while Ifrit can’t, Ch’en lacks the consistent output, Saria while useful, doesn’t kill stuff.


Also, Saria isn’t as tanky as other Defenders. Sometimes tougher defenses is better than extra healing, especially if the tank is already in range of two Medics.

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Ah okay, that makes a lot more sense that it’s to do with a cultural reference, thanks.

Just like what has been said they are what’s considered best on CN which is SA, Blaze, Eyja and Exu. Exu’s spot is kind of wavering though because of Patriot and his tanky bois but still she is one the best operators to get early on. Some already put Saria on that spot for how dominant her usage is on CC events (not just risk 18 clears but also those 25 and 26 clears).