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How much you make as a professional FEH player?

  1. Maybe I should start a YT channel

I’ll sub then unsub after a month with a comment in ur latest video that simpley says



Nice hero merit

What are you doing with the feathers


Don’t you like even a single male character in the entire series?


At this point I’ll be genuinely shocked if you haven’t played more SD matches than everyone else on this entire site combined

I hope everyone finds something they enjoy as much as you clearly enjoy duels


She sorta likes male Kana, male corn. Maybe. Can’t remember tbh.

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Lol I do but I don’t like using many of them in the B3 meta because the power gap is skewed their way.

B!Hector: duh
B!Alm: stupid nuke power
L!Alm: same
Walmart: flashes everyone with his giant manhood
B!Eliwood: B!Alm on a horse with DR
L!Marf: statstick and racist towards draggins
L!Roy: same

I’d rather use my favorite units (some who work fine, some require ALOT of assistance), and they just happen to all be chicks.

Merit doesn’t max out at 300 :)

Someone’s gotta keep the mode alive… Right?

Once upon a time, I was the top player with NY!Velouria.

Then I realized that I hate SD and never played it again.

I’m glad you seem to really love it, though. It’s always good to see people enjoy what they play. :D

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Well I’ll stay at the top with this little monster for you

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Mine say hi. XD

(I’m still tweaking OG!Velouria, figuring out exactly what I want to do with her. Beast Agility would be cool, but Embla’s WAY too hot to sacrofoce. NY!Velouria was built as a F!Edel counter, and still works well as a deceptively speedy physical wall.)

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Finish, bulwark, and a low CD special like glimmer or moonbow is good. TP or a pulse to make it easy to make happen so she gets +12 TD, plenty of natural healing, and her tempo ensures her special always goes off.

She may not ohko everything, but she’s gonna be a massive threat. And I agree… Agility is helpful but infantry tends to want lulls, bulwarks, and tempos more.

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Bulwark would be an option, if I had any fodder, but I’m eyeballing agiliry for both the transformation unlock and the Null-F. While yes, I can just run Null-F in her seal, I don’t run nearly as many Beast/Dragons as I do…well, anything else; and this would open her up to being able to suppprt more units and fit in a woder array of teams instead of just beasts. That’s mostly why I don’t use her so much, at least NY plays Solo anyways. That said, I just really like Embla and don’t want to sack her, so I don’t have Agility fodder, anyways. XD

But I’m taking the topic off-track.

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