Torn On Norne (With Poll!)

Merging this tiny assassin to be my ranged threat for Arena and for AR-D

She already has a Firesweep build but needs LnD4, otherwise she’s running this Spendthrift build on Defense.

Pulled a +Atk copy and trying to figure out whether she is overall better with Spd vs Atk considering she’ll have two different builds for different game modes.

  • Atk
  • Spd

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The silent majority is telling me to keep the Spd boon. So be it


IDK, her attack is not so great, so I would go with that. You can always give her the new Spd/Res Solo seal and boost up her speed that way.

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Speeeeeeeeeed :racing_car:

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Here is my norne.


the SS slot is flexible. it depends on what i need her to do . (sometimes i run mirror stance on the 2nd one if i need her to really tank the magic but DD3 works for the Chroms, Leifs and Alms in this world. (it sucks that DD4 doesn’t inflict guard ah well).

but the first one is now my go too, and the Lull Atk/Def/close foil/spendthrift combo makes up for her atk. and still allows her to double most units. (you could slap QR on the bottom if you wanted to ensure it via health). now with spd/res solo, that could work. (if i get extra Pulse smoke, i’m PRETTY sure she gets that too).