Torterra PvP


Anybody have any success with Torterra in PvP?
It’s very defensive and has counter-overage with Stone Edge, but does having low energy fast moves (Bite, Razor Leaf) limit it’s usefulness?
Wondering if it’s worth powering up for Master League and/or giving a 2nd charge attack.


Just wait till Frenzy Plant comes for it. It’s completely hopeless now.


Razor Leaf can shred anything that doesn’t resist it, but you really are better off waiting for Frenzy Plant. 65 and 80 energy requirement on both its STAB moves is too much to ask of Razor Leaf’s energy gain.

I also imagine Great or Ultra leagues would be better suited for it.


I have two Turtwig with good PVP IV spreads (low attack/high defense) that will fit between 1490-1500 and 2490-2500 when evolved. Saving for Turtwig CD though to get Frenzy Plant.


Until next January, when Turtwig has its community day, the best evolution for Turtwig is not Torterra, but Grotle.

Grotle is pretty solid in the great league, kind of like Vigoroth, but with different typing. Grotle uses Razor Leaf (STAB), Body Slam (no STAB) and Energy Ball (STAB), while VIgoroth uses Counter (no STAB), Body Slam (STAB) and Bulldoze. For some of the Great League staples like Poliwrath, Whiscash (2x), and Quagsire (2x), Grotle tears through them like a flamethrower through gasoline soaked tissue paper. And of course, it has all the usual grass weaknesses.

Razor Leaf does damage fast, and shreds anything weak to Grass, but has low energy generation. Fortunately, Bod Slam has very low energy requirements - with most pokemon, it’s a very fast attack, but for Grotle, it’s just normal speed (and everything else is slow, …).

Once Frenzy plant is out, Tortura (edited to correct) will be a terror - good tanky stats for PvP, Frenzy plant combined with Earthquake (or, they could give it a signature move - we’ll see in a few days how Blaze Kick plays out).


Ok that makes sense. I was thinking Torterra has some meta-relevant moves (dark-type bite, earthquake, razor leaf) and 100% coverage with Stone Edge. Frenzy Plant will be a huge benefit (I wonder if it will bump Torterra to top TDO pick for grass type) but does nothing for Grotle.


Agree on Razor Leaf and Earthquake, but Bite is so-so in PvP. Bite generates 2 EPT and does 4 DPT. Razor Leaf generates the same 2 EPT, but does 6.6 DPT (with STAB). Even for Tyranitar, Bite is weaker that Smack Down - they have the same damage per turn (both with STAB), but Smack Down generates 2.67 EPT, still not stellar, but better than the anemic 2 EPT from Bite.

And yes, I’m stoked about Tortura with Frenzy Plant, as well as Swampert and Empoleon with Hydro Cannon. Infernape with Blast Burn might be pretty good in PvP, we’ll see - it seems like a tankier, lower attack version of Blaziken, which is ideal for PvP. Give it a killer CD move, and it could be a major player.


I was thinking Bite for 'tina. Infernape is already pretty good in PvP. Good stats, Fire Spin+Flamethrower/Close Combat (better than Focus Blast imho for PvP).


Yeah I was pretty excited about Bite too, I ran it with Bite/Solar/Earthquake…aaaaaaaand found out you’ll literally never charge either of those with Bite. It’s the opposite of how good it is in PVE…