Totally original edelgard build never thought of before

I have 2 sets for her. A more defensive set based around atk def solo and then the totally original galeforce desperation build. Thanks to the banner i pulled 3 more so i have an extra for fodder but the 1 more merge is tempting since i love her


your brain is bigger than my body


Is Desperation really needed if she’s bulky enough for a physical hit? Or is it for dragons?


It’s usually for dragons, I run Desperation on her for the same reason


Not specifically for dragons just anything that doesnt feel like dying in 1 hit


I’d much rather just stick with Atk/Def Solo as I value 6 more Atk/Def on EP much more than 4 Def on PP. And the Follow-Up negation probably won’t matter much since Edelgard will kill most of her opponents before they could get off their second attack anyways.

But that’s just me :feh_edelsmug:


Like i said in the post i have 2 sets for her. 1 that uses atk def solo and then this. Shes a monster on player phase in both sets but this set allows her to sweep up other units similar to tibarn and ephriam without the 3 movement cries in no l.azura

That’s nice but she’ll probably one shot things and thus not activate galeforce.

With how bulky some units are there are still tons of threats that she wont be able to kill. A base kit stahl with his ruby sword tanks edelgard with her rouse buffs while shes in desperation range mode. Even if galeforce procs edelgard cant pierce through stahls ruby sword without 1 more point of atk. Otherwise most of the other threats are gen 3 swords and armor units which is to be expected. I should add the other gen 1 unit that kills her is hinata when he has his ruby sword since the feh toolkit app doesnt apply prf weapons through refines to the mass battle simulator

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To me Edelgard is a galeforce unit, period. Her res is too low to make a DC set worth it unless you go for a one shot on the counter type build and I don’t think having a dedicated physical only tank is really a needed niche.

For galeforce though, she has everything possible going for her. Slaying, easy to meet conditions for follow ups, and can run sturdy impact to have the safest player phase possible.

An Edelgard yesterday with galeforce, sturdy impact, and null follow up actually took out my Lucina supported Bike. I was stunned.


An Edelgard user once almost (ALMOST) tanked my IP team with DC Noontime. Their name was Save For El and I hope they managed to finish her up since she was +7 at the time


This isn’t related to your build but I hate edelgard. I don’t know how she does it but something in her skill set makes it so she destroys all my red tanks and I’m sure if I read her skills I’d understand but she doesn’t deserve that much respect

Just hit her with a speedy red mage and she ded, though I suppose we do have something of a lack of fast red mages :/

Also you don’t really need the 3rd merge unless you want to go all the way, since that one’s the lowest stat and HP

Edelgards base kit gives her very high defense however their are plenty of counters to it. Red mages destroy her and fast sword units that negate her weapon make it very hard to her to kill things. I love edelgard because if nothing else shes extremely true to herself. She knows what she wants, how she wants to do it, and knows what it means to follow that goal through and yet she still doesnt give up. In the black eagles route you see shes not a soulless tyrant that wants to murder but she actually has an underlying goal and is very similar to Claude in what they want to do for fodlan its just edelgards solution have more bloodshed involved considering her opponents.


(Dunno what black eagles route you played but the one I played showed she had no real reason to hate the church since they did nothing wrong welp) (imagine that was strikes through I don’t know how to do that on here)

Yeah her base kit is amazing that’s true

She hates the church because they perpetuate the use of a class system with nobles and commoners and deny people that have the ability purely because they lack a crest or arent a noble. Edelgard wants to destroy that system and make a world based on merit rather than lineage. She makes it clear she has no hatred for the faithful its just the church doing terrible things and dividing the world to further their influence and control over fodlans populace that she has a problem with. The entire plot of 3 houses is very weird as the 3 factions follow such drastically different plots that revolve around if byleth is on their side. In black eagles the chruch is seen as objectively evil but in blue lions edelgard takes that role and in golden deer edelgard is just a sideshow to the real most evil threat in their final boss. Edelgard to me shows a leader who in a time of war shows the resolve needed to win a war with the determination to see it through. I respect her in that regard but i do disagree with her methods that show the lengths she will go in the other routes. The same can be said for Dimitri after his “kill every last one of them” phase as he did everything he could to rebuild the world and rule his land as a great and compassionate leader.


Honestly, with how high her attack is, I prefer Spiral + AoE special, but…that’s pretty high investment, so this works too.

I never thought of that. Thats actually pretty interesting but yeah i dont have the fodder for that kind of investment