Tournament Builder Hall of Fame

This thread was made to document and comment on the old and new unit builder tournaments
Duel Tournaments

Tournament #1: The first one.

The official Gamepress builder championship!

Host: @Sothis
Participants: 16


1st: @Minutaie (Idunn)
2nd: ShinxDaSphinx (FF!Corrin)
3rd: jakefirestorm (Seliph) and Pyron (Duma)

Tournament #2: Low Tiers

FEH builder Tournament #2: Low Tier Edition
Host: @Sothis
Participants: 32


1st: @Tandor (Anna)
2nd: Guts (Titania)
3rd: Thehalohedgehog (S!Loki) and EonIgnis (V!Mist)

Tournement #3: Electric Boogaloo (Refreshers)

FEH Builder Tournament #3: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO EDITION(for real!) FINISHED :feh_royyes:
Host: @Hujiba
Participants: 16


1st: @Banraku (Lene)
2nd: Cam_the_man (NY!Azura)
3rd: TMFM (S!Berkut) and Bow-of-Sacae (Tethys)

Tournement #4: Vicious Villains

FEH Unit Builder Tournament #4 - Vicious Villain Fight (ALL SLOTS TAKEN)
Host: @E1337gard
Participants: 32


1st: @Mysterym1ster (Zelgius)
2nd: Banraku (Lyon)
3rd: SomePriestess (Laegjarn) and Placeholder (Duma)

Tournament #5: The sword to end all swords

FEH mass duel dual simulator challenge #5: The sword to end all swords!
Host: @SupaAnimegal
Participants: 16
Status: Postponed to the future.

Tournament #6: Smash Bros edition

Unit builder tournament #6 Smash bros edition (signups closed)
Host: @Thehalohedgehog
Participants: 16


1st: @Sothis (W!Chrom)
2nd: TMFM (W!Robin)
3rd: HeccTor (M!Grima) and E1337gard (V!Ike)

Tournament #7: Budgeted Builds

Unit builder tourney #7 - budgeted builds (finished.)
Host: @Cam_the_man
Participants: 16


1st: @ShinxDaSphinx (Nailah)
2nd: Lesk (Garon)
3rd: SkulduggeryUnpleasan (M!Kana) and nobody625 (Ranulf)

Tournament #8: Healer War

FEH Unit Builder Tourney #8 - Healer War
Host: @StarryVagabond
Participants: 16


1st. @Samsa (Wrys :feh_humblecurate:)
2nd. SkulduggeryUnpleasan (Lachesis)
3rd. Altina (Serra) and Thehalohedgehog (Mist)

Note: No more Healer tournements as everyone refused to die.

Tournament #9: Seasonals

Seasonal Heroes (Tournament #9) Finished
Host: @SkulduggeryUnpleasan
Participants: 16


1st: @Tandor (S!Helbindi)
2nd: Minutaie (S!Liliana)
3rd: Guts (V!Soren) & Sothis (S!Ishtar)

Tournament #10: Grand Heroes of the Sky

FEH Unit Builder Tournament #10: Grand Heroes of the Skies (All slots filled)
Host: Synx
Participants: 16
Status: Ongoing

Tournament #11: Hoshido v Nohr Mafia edition

Host: Sothis
Status: Not started.

4v4 Tournament #1: Custom Units

FEH Mass Group Arena Battle 4v4! #1 (Custom Units) (All slots taken!)(Full)
Host: @ Lesk
Participants: 16
Status: Discontinued?

Notice(and Correct me if I am wrong)

If you wish to host your own tournament, Please PM @Sothis, the creator of the tournaments, so we don’t have too many at the same time.

I’m all out of mentions.


Alright, I actually created the thread correctly this time.

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Oh okey I get it
I want to host one at some point so yeah I should probs ask Sothis/Selkie


Prepare for mental strain the likes of which have never been seen before :feh_doublelion:

Good luck if you do choose to host one.


Bold of you to assume I have a mentality to be strained

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Hold up. Didn’t I come in 3rd in the second one with S!Loki?

I remember them saying to ask them, but I also don’t want them to get too many PM’s. Hence the “Correct me if I’m wrong.”

Which numbered one?

Number 2. Low tier edition.

Yeah both Shiro and Sharena lost in round 3.

I messed up their were two brackets separated, I’ll fix it.

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Cool. Yeah I can see it being a little confusing. Although they had the final standings for that one in the finals section.

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I just realized I could put these under hidden text for neatness so I am going to do that.

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Yeah might help. I’m really curious to see how Lesk’s custom units one goes. Since it’s very different from the rest.

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Bumping this because why not.

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