Tournament(Hard) Help

I’m really at my wits end with this fight. I’m trying to earn one final copy of Sol and team Elphelt keeps destroying me. Especially when RNG isn’t kind to me whenever my Baiken is up first. It also gets tricky for me when they get shields after losing a certain amount of health.

Then again think it’s to blame that they are level 60, and my units are still level 50 without any 6 star promotions and that my noob knowledge still makes it hard on what to prioritize between gear and leveling up these wolves.

There a legit strategy to this at the level I can win? Or should I just let this one go?

Team used was : Baiken, Clarissa, Lilias, and Luluca

Hi. Fellow noob here. An aoe buff stripper and/or an aoe immunity helps. Had to do multiple retries just to get RNGesus on my side though. I also upgraded all the free anniversary gear which helped my lv 50 units survive.

Also went for Vildred > S. Angelica > Elphelt > Crozet

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Sadly, can’t offer too much advice, aside from some general (and not always helpful) pvp ones, since I can no longer look back at the AI team to be more specific.

  • You can try putting a healer in the front spot, since they are generally rather tanky for needing high HP for stronger heals.
  • See if you can silence, sleep, defense break or otherwise debuff the enemies to take them out faster. Silence (and Provoke to a certain degree) locks out their 2nd and 3rd skill; sleep makes them unable to attack and guarantees a crit when attacking them; defense break basically doubles received damage, while reduced hitrate halves their damage.
  • Alternatively, maybe try to focus down AoE opponents in the enemy team first to ensure your team survives longer?
  • Since you mention shields. I don’t remember the enemy team, but usually Crozet has that passive ability. If he is actually on it and if you manage to take him out first, the others won’t be receiving his shields for the rest of the fight.
  • Obviously, make sure your selected heroes are equipped, somewhat skilled up, awakened as much as possible and so on.
  • Again, this is obvious, but keep element affinity in mind when selecting a team. Like, Baiken is earth-aspected and extra vulnerable to Elphelt (fire). But if you need her to take out some water-aspected opponent in the team, that’s a calculated risk.

Didn’t have any problems with this fight myself. If memory serves, the team I used was lvl 60 Luna, Roana, Tenebria and lvl 50 Yufine. This has a combination of aoe silences, sleeps, defense breaks and slows, while also having strong single target damage and barriers/heals/revives.

Edit: Ah, and on what to prioritize between gearing and promotion to 6 stars. I would suggest trying to gear up your core/most used characters first, while slowly working on gathering the phantasmals for promotion. With some dedication and steady play, one can save up enough phantasmals to promote 1 character to 60 every month with natural weekly progression.
See it this way: promoting characters to 60 mostly improves their stats, but gear and set bonuses are what makes everyday life easier. Once you have a geared team that can steadily take out lvl 50+ opponents in story mode and events, then promotion to 60 will make your life easier.

Bit of an update:But I managed to finally clear it on the last day. Though I have to say it was honestly due to the pure luck that Dizzy and Auxilary Lots popped up from my book mark summons. Leveling them and some gear up, those two saved my ass when I paired them with Sol and Baiken.

I really gotta put some work in and grow out of my newbie status. ^_^;;