Toxicroak for the Great League - All Poison / All Fighting or mixed?

I have a pretty good 3-star 1500 CP Toxicroak that I’ve been using in the GL Battles and he does OK with Counter & Sludge Bomb.

I’m not committed to spending a lot on these battles to get Toxi another attack, but I can use a fast or charged TM to try to get him all fighting or all poison if this makes sense.

So what do you all think? Try for Counter / Dynamic Punch or Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb or don’t bother?

It’s a good question.
First, you have to decide what role are you needing in your team.
If you are needing a fighter against ice, rock, steel, dark… or poison against fairy, for exemple.
Mind that you can pick both but decide the fast attack thinking about the role.

I run mine with Counter / Sludge Bomb + Mud Bomb and it’s my favorite fighter in the GBL format. With proper use (saving shields for it and paired with tanks for that matter) it’s amazing: Registeel, Bastiodon/Probopass are its main target, but Tropius, Azumarill, even Deoxys get its share of pain if used correctly.

Edit: what I mean is you can get huge performance with a 2nd move, but if you’re not willing to pay it and are in need of a fighter, then I would say Mud Bomb is a better move. Actually I would just try to get a Lucario with baby discount for the 2nd move instead.

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Counter is your go to fast move for PvP even if the opponent resists it. If you really don’t want to unlock a 2nd charge move, you’ll have to decide what you want Toxicroak to counter.

Mud Bomb will give you coverage against Electric, Fire, Poison, Steel and Rock.
Dynamic Punch will give you coverage against Dark, Normal, Rock, Ice and Steel.
Sludge Bomb will give you coverage against Fairy and Grass and deal neutral to almost everything.


I started running toxi once registeel became the norm. Toxicroak with ms/mb/dp has done wonders. ALSO! A-Raichu has done work for me dealing with skarmory and azumarill and helping a lot with Altaria. A-raichu is running vs/to/gk. I’ve been running one or the other with azu and alt to good not great like a lot of ppl like to believe but that’s my advice.

For the “to”, did you mean “tp” as in Thunder Punch?

I’m a fan of Counter /Sludge Bomb too. Two of the best moves in the games plus awesome neutral coverage.