Trade Machoke for Machoke anyone?

When a Machoke is traded it’s FREE to evolve it into it’s highest form (Machamp)! Otherwise it costs 100 candies to evolve. Does anyone want to trade Machoke for Machoke?

Reply if interested then add me as a friend after! 3344 0273 7690

**I’m trustworthy & need you to be too. It’s unlikely the trades will have equal stats. It’s important to me for the process to be fair. To do that we’ll re-trade Machokes back immediately after. Meaning we each end up with our original Machoke with the choice to evolve it still being free!

That‘s not how it works at all.

  1. Distance trading is not possible, you can only trade with accounts in up to 100 meters radius.

  2. A once traded Pokemon can‘t be traded again.

Sorry to burst your bubble there.


And don’t forget to mention that IVs are randomised when trading. So that high IV one you love might end up in the transfer pile after.

Besides, I think even new players will have enough machop candy to evolve 20 machamps without trading

What do you call new players, because evolving 20 machops to Machamps would require 2500 candy wich would mean atleast 350+ with pineapps, or 700 without pineapps (I haven’t even seen that many and I’m not the newest player around…).


Well, transferring them also nets a Candy, plus when you evolve a Pokemon, you actually get a Candy back. And Machop can also be hatched, netting another 8-12 Candy.

Machop is actually outside of eggs.

Exactly! Guess there just aren’t many Machops in my area.

It’s very common in cloudy weather
It’s just spawned en-mass for last weeks event
It’s very common in cloudy weather

It’s actually only 615 Machop without pinaps (plus 20 you want to evolve) and 352 with pinaps

lastly… sarcasm :smiley:

Machop’s spawn rate has dropped but are you okay with Makahita. I suppose hariyama is no Machamp but it seems like Hariyama will do something and is not weeping willow. See a few hariyamas pop up. By the way I have seen hariyama as a raid boss. I don’t know if he is T3 but it is worth a shot, maybe…

Machops are no longer common spawn in Cloudy or its biome depended. KOffings and Croagunks are plague in this weather in my area, and ofc those useless Sawks and Mimes…

So you think that when somebody needs help and asks you an question, for the first time, you need to be sarcastic about their problem? I sure hope you never have a problem… because I know that I wouldn’t like it at all if a stranger was ridiculing my problem.

ikke, stop being typical ikke and lighten up.

Also, it’s not his first time.

That’s just due to this weeks throwback event. It will change again tomorrow

Ach you post sarcasm, but if I post an attempt at the same it is no good…

So you see that being sarcastic without the emotion shown is very hard to recognize…

And I do not understand what you mean that it isn’t the first time. I had difference of view a couple of times but what that this has to do with not being able to recognize sarcasm I do not understand.

Read my first post again, you’ll see what is genuine information and which is sarcasm. It’s not hard to recognise which is which, as it is blatant.

“Also, it’s not his first time.” is in reference to Pokemon_lover and not yourself. As my response was a direct reply to you I wouldn’t talk about you to yourself in the third person

What a dumb discussion that is, sarcasm, third person, emotion, blahblah

Here is some non bullshit for OP: If you lack Machops - because they can be quite uncommon sometimes - there are other substitutes:

Riolu (part of this event in 7km eggs)
Makuhita (part of event from last week)
Timburr (expensive, but highly available from t1 raids currently)
Croagunk (part of current event)

I don’t think you will need them right now, however, as after Terrakion, Reshiram comes out. Which requires dragon-type counters. And as for PvP, I think you’ll do much better without a Machamp