Trade Timburr and get Conkeldurr for 0 candy


In my community someone got traded a Machop and was able to 0 candy evolve to Machamp.

He claims that the same mechanics apply for Timburr - > Conkeldurr.

This would be great: you can see if the Timburr turns out High IV and then decide to evolve. It saves you alot of (rare) candy.

Has anyone experienced the same thing with Timburr?

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Yep, there’s a handful of old and new Pokemon that fall into this category where evolving a traded one costs zero candy. This is especially helpful for the new ones, as they otherwise cost 200 candy for their final evolution stage.


I have seen this image, you have attached.

I want to know: can I trade a Timburr and get a 0 candy Conkeldurr? Or… do I have to, first, evolve into Gurdurr and then trade? (just like the image)

You can trade Timburrs and still get the discount. However, the candy discount only applies to the 2nd evolution (so Gurdurr evolving to Conkeldurr). So you’ll just have to spend the 25 50 candy to evolve to Gurdurr. The candy cost of evolving from Gurdurr to Conkeldurr will be zero.


Remember, 50.
Oh Arceus, why did you decided to make this few pokemon a little bit more expensive? It’s just 25 candy more but…

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Ya it kind of messes with the established rules they made for evolving. The same when the sinnoh evolutions came out and magmar and electabuzz needed 100 candy insted of 50.

Actually, that made sense.
These two, by being part of the sinnoh stone kind of evolution and after getting a 3rd evolution phase (by example: Elekid, Electabuzz and then, Electivire) got the treatment of the other sinnoh stone pokemon (Piloswine < Mamoswine, Sneasel < Weavile, Tangela < Tangrowth, etc) who all got a 100 candy cost evolution.

But baby evolutions dont count, or pikachu to raichu would be 100 candy.

Whoops, totally forgot the new ones are 50 rather than 25! I’ll edit my original response.

I’ll quote myself here:

Meaning that, even if the baby phase doesn’t count, the sinnoh stone treatment does.

Alright being a sinnoh stone evolution makes sence. Its still a lame excuse to make those evolutions more expensive

Well, like all things in life, we wish things were a little bit cheaper. Don’t we?